Four Reasons Why You Should Create Explainer video

What does it mean?

  Explainer videos become more and more popular each year. Such products are a real breakthrough for the world of marketing, since they are perfect for boosting services or business popularity.

  Explainer video – is a short video (usually 2-3 minutes long) which helps demonstrate complicated ideas in simple and even entertaining ways. The recent investigations show that it is the best tool for engaging new customers and clients. Explainer videos do make your product or services stand out from the crowd. These videos can be uploaded both on your own website or YouTube and any other Internet platform. Moreover, social media can also be used for your benefit.

  Well, you may think that it is very tough to make a  corporate explainer video. In reality nowadays you can make use of a number of special apps and services. These applications provide people with a wide variety of sound effects, images, emojis, etc.

  It is interesting to know that nearly 80 % of experts believe that explainer videos are the best tools for engaging new clients. And now we will tell you four main reasons to opt for building such a video.

  1. Keeping abreast of the times

  When talking about marketing strategy we should take into account the current needs and requirements of the population. As we know life in the 21st century is extremely fast and challenging. Due to this people try to make as many things simultaneously as possible. That is why we opt for watching some videos while eating or tidying up our flat. All in all, the vast majority of people prefer to watch videos rather than read lengthy articles. Due to this fact explainer videos are entirely beneficial for business and services.

  You should also understand that it is rather a competitive market field, that is why explainer videos developers must make use of all trends and tendencies. Luckily, if you are not sure whether you can cope with such a task, you can visit corporate explainer video and hire a professional team. 

  1. Tracing customers’ activity

  One of the most appealing advantages of building explainer videos when compared to articles, is the author’s ability to see how many people have visited the website and what products are the most interesting for the clients. Consequently, in future this information will help you invest money efficiently.

  1. Easy sharing

 Since explainer videos are uploaded to social media and different Internet platforms, it becomes easy for people to share them with their friends and family members. Why is it so good for your product? It means that a lot of people will get information about your business or services and get involved. This fact increases your chances of gaining success! 

  What’s more, Google ranks explainer videos higher than articles and texts. It also influences a number of people who will get information about the product.

  1. High efficiency

 Explainer videos work! It is a fact! Thanks to being visually attractive and informative they can catch clients’ attention just in a few minutes. Moreover, explainer videos can go viral. It is when a video is viewed by a great deal of people and becomes extremely popular. Unfortunately, nobody knows what features a video should have to go viral. Sometimes it is just a matter of luck. Anyway it boosts the product’s popularity and status.

  Another great thing is that explainer videos give you the opportunity to express your inner self, personal view and even style. You can use all your creativity to make a unique and appealing product which will fully satisfy the customers’ demands!

Drawing conclusions

  As you see, making an explainer video is something you really need to get new clients and orders from them. If you appreciate uniqueness and high quality you should build such a video and enjoy the results of your hard work.



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