Fortnite: Returning Marvel Skins? – EndGame Event, StarLord, Black Widow, Season 4 and More!

[ad_1] We hope Epic will bring back some of the iconic Marvel cosmetics and outfits released last year!
Fortnite Season 4 has some amazing new Marvel cosmetics! This Marvel-themed season will likely continue to supply some amazing cosmetics including the brand new Silver Surfer outfit! But will Epic bring back some of the old marvel skins?

EndGame Event

Last year, we got one of the best events in Fortnite history!
ENDGAME – Will these weapons return in the new Season?
With the release of the film “Avengers EndGame” we got access to some amazing skins! We also got to use some of our hero’s weapons, including Iron Man’s Gauntlets, Captain America’s Shield, and Hawkeye’s Bow! READ MORE: Fortnite Season 4: How to Unlock Baby Groot! – Back Bling, Location, Free Reward and More! Hopefully, all these items are set to return as Mythic Weapons in Season 4!

Old Marvel Skins

Even though the new season 4 is Marvel themed, we have received a few Marvel cosmetics in the past. READ MORE: Fortnite Season 4: Silver Surfer! – Cosmetic, Character, Glider, Mythic Weapons and More! We hope some of these cosmetics will return in Season 4 so we can have access to a wider roster of characters. Some of thee characters include Star Lord, Black Widow and a bunch of X-Men villains. These will have to return in the Item Shop so keep your eyes peeled. READ MORE: Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Map: Reveal, POI’s, Changes, Marvel Theme, New POIs, Rumors, & more about Season 14 Unfortunately, we won’t get access to Deadpool, as he was part of the Season 2 battle pass.

New Season 4 Cosmetics?

Luckily, Epic have already released a range of cosmetics in the new Battle Pass.
storm fortnite min
WEATHER – Will we harness the power of Storm?
These cosmetics range from Iron Man to Groot and we can expect much more in the new Item Shop. READ MORE: Fortnite: When Does Chapter 2 Season 4 End? Season 15 Start Date and More News! Fans are expecting Black Panther and Spider-Man to release later down the line.



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