Fortnite Nightmares 2021: All the important information about the event

Are you ready for the nightmarish events of Fortnite? The “Fortnitemares 2021” are just around the corner, even if an exact start date is still missing. However, since it is a seasonal event, it is more or less predictable. For last year’s “Fortnite” nightmares, the start date was set to October 16, 2020 – two weeks before Halloween. Current updates for the Battle Royale also appear every two weeks. So it might start together with Patch 18.20 or Patch 18.30.

Fornitemares 2021: Skins & Game Modes

While there aren’t any officially announced skins yet, fans can hope for some news on this topic in the coming days and weeks. Assumptions regarding potential new content are already being hotly traded: The leaker HYPEX has burst a real information bomb: He has apparently found clues about upcoming event additions to the game. These include completely new gameplay mechanics that the developer Epic Games is working on. In the course of the next few days it is quite conceivable that HYPEX and other leakers will unearth more creepy secrets about new skins, weapons & Co.

Mida’s revenge on the Fortnitemares

Also interesting: the Midas story continues. Already during the “Fortnitemares 2020” it was about this topic, with “Midas Revenge” the return to the Fortnite Nightmares 2021 is apparently on the agenda. In terms of game modes, however, Epic will probably rely on the tried and tested from the previous year in the end. Back then, players turned into ghosts and captured other fighters moving across the map.



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