Fortnite FNCS Solos Announced! Start Date, Prize Pool and More!


A surprise announcement at the end of the broadcast, has the excitement building already!
Since the recent announcement of the competitive roadmap for the rest of 2020, as well as the confirmation of the next World Cup in 2021, Epic has never been communicating better with the community. With the solo portion of the FNCS Invitational coming to a close, along with the recent nerf of aim assist on PC. We finally know the game mode we are going to be playing next season and oh are we in for a treat. Let’s take a look!


Towards the end of the FNCS Solo coverage, which was held over on the official Fortnite Twitch channel. The casters made a special announcement in regards to the next game mode. READ MORE: Fortnite: Is Recon Expert Coming To The Item Shop TONIGHT? Leaks, Rumors, and More! Once again we are heading back to Solos for the next wave of the FNCS! This came as a minor surprise to players as we did not expect to get another solo game mode.
Peely Skin 1
SOLO – Who else wanted Trios?

Start Date

The kick-off date for the majority of FNCS events has been the first or second weekend of the new season. READ MORE: Fortnite Doomsday Event: LIVE Countdown, Details, Map Changes and More! Announced via an Epic Games blog post, you can check out the dates below for the start of FNCS Solos.
  • FNCS Qualifier 1: August 1
  • FNCS Qualifier 2: August 2
  • FNCS Qualifier 3: August 8
  • FNCS Qualifier 4: August 9
  • FNCS Finals: August 14 – August 16


Although we did not get the game mode most players were hoping for, they did announce that Trios is going to be a game mode in the future. When Chapter 4 begins, the primary game mode for that season is going to be Trios!
fortnite chapter 2 map header feature 1
FISHING – Floppers are still one of the best items in the game!
So we still have some time before that however. READ MORE: How To Install Fortnite Mobile on Samsung, Android, and HTC Devices!
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