Fish finger pizza: Dr. Oetker trolls his fans again


An official fish finger pizza combo from Dr. Oetker and Iglo? That will remain a dream for the time being.

E.There’s a new chapter in the theater about the fish finger pizza by Dr. Oetker. For a long time, pizza fan Stullen-Andreas (@an_dy_wand) has been trying to persuade the company to adopt this double fast-food solution with moderate success. On April 1, 2020, the convenience giant surprised with the “Ristorante Pizza Bastoncini di Pesce “, a pizza with spinach, cheese and real Kpt’n-Iglo fish fingers. But it was an April Fool’s joke, because the fishy highlight never made it from the ocean into the jaws of this world. So that there is no boredom, Dr. Oetker fools his followers again on Twitter.

Fish finger pizza for ten comments

On the official account Dr. Oetker Pizza DE The company from Bielefeld has now once again offered the prospect of the desired pizza. The only condition: Stullen-Andreas must get at least ten Twitter friends to comment under the post. Simple thing, right? Unfortunately, the social media team is pretty clever, because together with the offer there was a new function of “Conversation Settings”, which in this case prevents any reply to a post. The only exception: users who are explicitly mentioned in the tweet, such as Stullen-Andreas. He tried his luck, but due to the technical blockage, he only had the conclusion: “You angry people!” A nasty but fun trick. The question remains whether the fish finger pizza will ever hit the market. For the very impatient, Dr. Oetker at least one Recipe published. All you need is one company spinach pizza and six of the breaded igloo chopsticks. Brilliant!



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