FIFA Mobile Japan: After South Korea, Japan gets its own version of FIFA Mobile 20

[ad_1] After South Korea, Japan too got it’s own version of FIFA Mobile 20, as the game finally got its beta release on August 28th. Famous Asian Publisher Nexon who had earlier signed a deal to publish FIFA Mobile exclusively for the Korean Market, now extended their partnership to release the newly born FIFA Mobile 20 in Japan.

About FIFA Mobile 20 Japan

Earlier on July 28th, Nexon Japan had signed a deal with Electronic Arts to launch a new title FIFA Mobile 20 in Japan. It was already notified in-game that very soon a new FIFA Mobile was about to hit in Japan.
From August 28th a short closed Beta testing is in place to check the in-game specifications. During the beta testing, the users are allowed all the in-game licensed players, leagues, and exclusive game modes. Participants for the beta testing were entirely on the basis of luck as they had to enter a lottery to gain access to the exclusive version of FIFA Mobile.
 We are pleased to share with you about our new partnership with Nexon as we exclusively distribute the newly reborn FIFA Mobile in Japan. Through this partnership, we are committed to providing a better gaming experience for FIFA Mobile Japan users. Thank you for playing FIFA Mobile.  From FIFA Mobile Development Team
Various in-game events such as the UEFA Champions League Event is live in-game since August 28th which promises exciting login rewards. Additionally, at the same time as the beta test started, pre-registration acceptance of official service started as well on their official site.
EA added on their official website citing to the Japanese gamers, “We’re removing season resets and offering new experiences with FIFA Mobile, which continues from season to season, And with new tactics and strategies to manage your team, you’ll also find new game modes, such as a simulation mode where you can experience promotion and demotion like a real league match.”

What happens to the FIFA Mobile Global Version in Japan?

In-game purchases were locked for the Japanese residents since July 28th, when the first announcement was made, and after August 28th, it will no longer be displayed in search results on both Google Play and the Appstore. Therefore it is currently impossible to play the global version of FIFA Mobile 20 if you are residing in Japan. There is no info yet as for the transformation of your in-game currencies and progress across versions. You can always check the official FIFA Mobile Japan site for more details.

Final thoughts

FIFA Mobile is the mobile version of EA’s famous football simulation series FIFA. Since it’s inception in October 2016, the game has proved to be a global success and also has a very loyal fan base. Although the game runs globally, China and South Korea already had has its own localized exclusive FIFA Mobile operated by a separate team. Japan became the latest country to get its own version of FIFA Mobile 20.“EA is very pleased to partner with Nexon to provide the best service for our Japanese players. We are committed to providing a culturalized and rich football gaming experience through our FIFA Mobile and we hope that our Japanese audiences will enjoy it.” said Jace Yang, GM of EA Asia Studio.
The launch of FIFA Mobile in Japan is also the latest in a series of FIFA collaborations between Nexon and EA over the last decade. Most recently, Nexon released FIFA Mobile in Korea in June, with it reaching the top in the popular game’s ranking for both Google Play and App Store and surpassing two million downloads within two months. With Kylian Mbappe as the cover star and getting his own Domination card in-game, FIFA Mobile 20 Japan is sure to get some attention after it’s beta release. While Football is the most popular game on the planet, FIFA Mobile is the closest as it gets to playing Football on mobiles. Therefore it is yet to be seen just how much FIFA Mobile can dominate the Japanese Apps Market post its release.
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FIFA Mobile Japan: After South Korea, Japan gets its own version of FIFA Mobile 20



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