FIFA Mobile 21 best midfielders according to gameplay

While playing FIFA Mobile most of the time the players go for big names but don’t realize those players may not have the best gameplay in the game. And then, often struggle and keep wondering while playing H2H or VSA matches. Therefore, choosing the right players is very important and one needs to go for players with better gameplay than a big name or overloaded stats. So, check out the list of FIFA Mobile 21 best Midfielders to know which players one should pick for their team.

How this list is made

Primarily, we have conducted a survey among the F2P players. We asked them to vote/pick (more than one/multiple players) the best midfielders they have played with or noticed a very good midfielder while playing. After a certain amount of votes, we made the list. You may like to note that, we did not go for player’s stats for picking up the best players. Note: EA Dev team buffs and nerfs the players over the season so we will keep on updating the list with the introduction of new events and according to the players’ reviews. This list includes players till the Lunar New Year Event.

F2P & P2P Saga

You will not see any Prime Icon or UTOTY Players or Any P2P players in these lists. There are 2 main reasons behind that,
  • These ratings are mostly given by F2P players.
  • Those Prime Icons/P2P players are very rarely found/faced in the game. So, very fewer ratings were given to those players to consider them for this list
However, you can consider that the gameplay of those cards is generally very good. EA makes sure their payers don’t regret paying money to bag those players.

Best midfielders in FIFA Mobile 21

When we play H2H, total midfield plays an important role but in the case of VSA, the scenario is a little bit different. CDM mainly takes part in defending while CAM, LM, and RM come to shoot more often.
FIFA Mobile 21 Best Midfielders Toni Kroos

FIFA Mobile 21 Best CDMs

To select the best CDMs, the criteria are Defending, shot-blocking, Passing, Speed, and overall gameplay.
Player Name OVR Program Average Rating
Rijkaard 87 Gullit Event 8.9
J. Kimmich 93 TOTY 8.4
Marcelo Brozovic 94 UCL 8.1
S. Busquets 98 Star Pass 7.9
Pettit 84 Icon SBC 7.8
Mascherano 90 End of Era 7.6
L. Modric 96 LNY 7.5
Keane 87 Icon SBC 7.5
N’Golo Kante 89 Gullit Event 7.5
Zakaria 88 Marquee 7.4
FIFA Mobile 21 Best Midfielders: CDM list

FIFA Mobile 21 Best CMs

The criteria for CM are players’ Work-rate, Passing, Shooting (VSA), Dribbling, Speed, and overall Gameplay.
Player Name OVR Program Average Rating
Beckham 100 Event Icon 9.9
FDJ 91 LNY 9.2
S. Gerrad 86 Icon SBC 8.6
P. Viera 86 Icon SBC 8.5
Bissouma 90 Boxing Day 8.3
Bruno Guimares 94 LNY 8.3
T. Alcantara 92 TOTY 8.2
C. Seedorf 85 Icon SBC 8.2
M. Savic 85 TOTW 8.1
Maksimovic 89 Freeze 8.1
Koke 93 Freeze 8.0
Scholes 87 Icon SBC 8.0
N. Keita 90 Boxing 8.0
S. Oliveira 92 Star Pass 7.9
J. Milner 91 Freeze 7.9
Kroos 92 TOTY 7.5
F. Lampard 85 Icon SBC 7.4
Kovacic 86 TOTY 7.3
FIFA Mobile 21 Best Midfielders: CM list
FIFA Mobile 21 Best Midfielders David Beckham

FIFA Mobile 21 Best CAMs

To selects CAM, Shooting, Passing, Crossing, Speed, Dribbling and overall Gameplay are considered.
Player Name OVR Program Average Rating
B. Fernadez 95 TOTY 8.8
Ronaldinho 90 Icon SBC 8.8
M. Reus 98 Marque 8.6
KDB 95 TOTY 8.6
Zidane 91 Icon SBC 8.5
B. Fernadez 91 POTM 8.1
A. Gomez 92 TOTY 8.1
Litmanen 84 Icon SBC 8.0
Havartz 96 Boxing Day 7.8
Hagi 86 Icon SBC 7.8
N. fekir 86 TOTY 7.6
Oscar 90 LNY 7.3
H. Aouar 89 TOTY 7.3
D. Silva 94 Freeze 7.2
J. Draxler 91 Harvest 7.1
FIFA Mobile 21 Best Midfielders: CAM list

FIFA Mobile 21 Best LMs

LM runs through the wing so Speed, Dribbling, Work-rate, crossing, Shooting and overall Gameplay of the player are considered while selecting.
Player Name OVR Program Average Rating
Rashford 98 LNY 9.2
T. Hazard 94 UCL 8.8
E. Hazard 96 Freeze 8.7
Son 89 Starpass 7.9
Nedved 86 Icon SBC 7.8
Insigne 86 TOTW 7.8
Angelino 89 UCL 7.5
FIFA Mobile 21 Best Midfielders: LM list

FIFA Mobile 21 Best RMs

Just like as LM, RM plays the same role on the opposite side of the field. Therefore, Speed, Dribbling, Work-rate, crossing, Shooting and overall Gameplay of the player is considered while picking up.
Player Name OVR Program Average Rating
Beckham 100 Event Icon 9.6
Di Maria 99 Heart Breaker 9
H. Lozano 93 LNY 8.7
Under 95 UEL 8.6
Sancho 98 Starpass 8.3
M. Salah 94 Boxing 8.2
Gnabery 92 Marque 7.5
FIFA Mobile 21 Best Midfielders: RM list
That’s the complete list of FIFA Mobile 21 best midfielders across all the positions. Remember the match is either won or lost in the midfield only, so always lay stress on your midfield. Don’t neglect it totally focusing just on your forward line and defense. A decent CAM with high shotpower can make the difference with his goals in both VSA and H2H. And if you have come across or played with a good workhorse (CAM/CDM/CM/LM/RM) who is not featured in our list, then don’t hesitate to mention it in the comment box! So what do you think about this list of best midfielders of FIFA Mobile 21? Do you use any of the midfielders given on our list? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below! For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp groupTelegram Group, or Discord server. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter and Google News for quick updates.



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