FIFA 22: FUT Calendar – Promo Packs & Co. for Ultimate Team

With “Ones to Watch” and “Road to the Knockouts”, developer EA SPORTS has already processed two FUT promos in FIFA 22. Special cards in the “FUT Heroes” and “Icons” categories can be found in the digital card packs of the game mode throughout the season, and cards from the “Team of the Week” (TOTW) series are also released every week. That sounds like a lot of content, but it is only the tip of the FUT iceberg. Usually EA SPORTS has much more to offer – a look at the FUT calendar for FIFA 22.

Rule breakers

The traditional Halloween promo started in FIFA 21 on October 23, in the current title it should be on October 22. These chaotic cards freely switch roles and values ​​of players, often leading to some powerful combinations.

Record Breakers

In FIFA 21, these record-breaking objects opened the Black Friday hustle and bustle on November 29th, for FIFA 22 this date will probably fall on November 28th. However, these special cards appear again and again over the course of the year when individual players have passed an impressive milestone in real football. For example, Iñaki Williams has already been given a Record Breakers card for his 203rd La Liga game in a row.

Team of the Group Stage (TOTGS)

The program for the top European competitions Europa League and Champions League began in FIFA 21 on December 4th, and can be expected in FIFA 22 on December 3rd. This is primarily about the individual performance of players in the group phases of the tournaments.

FUTMAS / Freeze

In whatever form it comes along, the Christmas Promo is a guarantee for strong cards every year. The Christ Child came in FIFA 21 on December 11th. If the schedule in FIFA 22 is implemented similarly, the bells will ring on December 10th.

Road to the Final (RTTF)

The knock-out phases of the UEFA tournaments are traditionally accompanied by the RTTF promo, which has a dynamic component: the further the teams of the selected players go, the more their values ​​grow. In FIFA 21, the race to the final started on December 18th, so the start in FIFA 22 should fall on December 17th.


This attractive series draws an interim conclusion on the current season and equips worthy players with very strong special cards, which, due to their dynamic nature, always retain a higher rating than their best TOTW card. Anyone who draws a player here who is having a strong season can pop the corks almost every week. In FIFA 21, the Headliners promo started on January 1st, the deadline for FIFA 22 this year could be December 31st.
FIFA Ultimate Team Cards from the Team of the Year 2020.
One of the greatest honors that EA SPORTS bestows: The Team of the Year.

Team of the Year (TOTY)

The FUT Oscars traditionally award actors the most expensive and prestigious cards in the annual cycle – they are extremely strong, rare and therefore extremely sought-after. The award of the TOTY objects took place in FIFA 21 on January 22nd, in FIFA 22 it could be on January 21st.

Future Stars

Youth is the future – that applies to football as well as everywhere else. EA SPORTS traditionally honors the next generation with strong special objects, the values ​​of which are intended to depict the future development path of young stars. In FIFA 21, the developer looked into the crystal ball on February 5th, in FIFA 22 this could happen on February 4th.

Winter Refresh / Ones to Watch

In previous years, the events of the winter transfer period provided enough material for new cards from the “Ones to Watch” series – in FIFA 21, however, fans waited in vain for this release. Whether the promo will return to its usual place or whether it will remain mothballed should become clear around February 11th.

FUT Birthday

FUT brings EA SPORTS huge revenues year after year. So it comes as no surprise that the developer celebrates the birthday of his cash cow appropriately every year. On this occasion, classic cards are brought to the current branch as new editions. The party fell in FIFA 21 on March 26th, in FIFA 22 the cake will probably be cut on March 25th.
FIFA Ultimate Team tickets from the 2020/21 season.
For fans the highlight of the year in “FIFA”: The Team of the Season Promo.

Team of the Season (TOTS)

Hardly any promo lasts as long as the TOTS series or is as popular: top cards from one of the world’s major football leagues are published every week, with the increases in value of the individual objects being massive. This highlight began in FIFA 21 on April 23rd, so fans of FIFA 22 should keep an eye on April 22nd, 2022 – the date should be easy to remember.


Long-time FUT fans are very familiar with the brand’s annual cycle: in the summer the air is out anyway, marketing for the next part is underway and the strongest cards are already in circulation. EA SPORTS tried to counteract this fatigue in FIFA 21 with fan engagement and held numerous votes and duels to accompany the release of the FUTTIES promo. This mainly offers old material from the previous season. In the previous version, this program started on July 16, in FIFA 22 it may be on July 15. Individual changes to this process are possible at any time, especially when introducing new promos. However, EA SPORTS has stuck to the traditional flow of the season very consistently for years.



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