FarmVille 3 Beginners Guide and Tips

A decade ago, One of the most popular games on the most-used social networking platform, Facebook was Farmville 3. Everyone probably is very familiar with the game. After the game slowly went into decline since 2011, the simulation game was launched for a sequel in 2012. On September 27, 2020, Zynga announced that it would discontinue Farmville, as Facebook stopped supporting games running on Flashplayer. The company has said that development would continue for mobile devices, with Farmville 3 to follow the existing Farmville 2. In this Farmville 3 guide, we will discuss the tips and tricks to build a thriving farm, completely from scratch!
FarmVille 3 Guide
FarmVille 3

Expand your farm by unlocking machinery, animals and even farmhands!

The gameplay involves various aspects of farmland management such as ploughing land, planting, growing and harvesting trees and raising livestock. Empty farmland is given to players where one needs to buy and grow crops, livestock etc. with the limited amount of farm coins given at the start of the game. It is to be noted that farm coins are the primary source of currency in the game. With every task completed, players gain experience points. After achieving several XP benchmarks, a player goes to the next level. With every new level, new plots of land and new types of machinery are unlocked. Also, new crops, animals including exotic animals, etc. are unlocked from the store in the game.
FarmVille 3 Guide
Different buildings can also be bought from the store!
As the level increases, players can also unlock new farmhands, who can help in managing the farm. Their level can be increased by upgrading them.
FarmVille 3 Guide
New Farmhands will help you manage the farm!
A player can also earn Farm Coins by visiting their neighbours (in-game friends). You can also join any random Co-Op where you can chat with other players and visit them. Additionally, You could even request for items that you need and donate them the items they need.
Chat and exchange necessary items which you need!

Farmville 3 Guide: Tips and Tricks

  • Create your personalized animal farm by choosing from a variety of animal breeds. This includes exotic breeds like alpacas and elephants. Animals which can produce raw goods can be processed further or sold raw to complete daily tasks and missions.
  • Match and breed your animals to create a new breed every time. Each new breed shall produce rare farm goods.
  • Join a Co-Op where you can complete special events to unlock new animals or new farm items.
  • Customize your farmland by purchasing numerous unique decorations from the store to beautify the farm.
  •  Use the weather forecast feature for perfect farming weather and plan for a healthy harvest and more.
  •  Build a team of specialized farmhands, ranging from heavy-duty lumberjacks to talented cooks to help your farm. Level them up to unlock new skills and recipes and improve their farming abilities.
  • Complete daily tasks and missions to earn XP and level up faster.
Breed animals to get a new breed

Join the ‘Diamond Club’ for exciting surprises!

Farm coins and gems are available for purchase in-game. Also, players can join the ‘Diamond Club’ which is a subscription for 30 days where you can open ‘Diamond Chest’ each day for exciting surprises. Also, you will get 30 gems each day along with one extra task to queue in. Daily deals keep shuffling each day!

The nostalgia behind Farmville

“Innovation is a key ingredient in game development, and for us, it’s important to listen to our players who’ve been in the game from the start, as well as lapsed and new FarmVille enthusiasts.” Sonja Ängeslevä, Product Lead at Zynga
From being one of the widely played games on Facebook, Farmville saw a rapid decline in its audience since 2011. The developers of the game, Zynga had seen a decline which saw the game falling to a lowest of 110th in 2016. Zynga is however hopeful that the mobile version would continue to thrive, thanks to the never-ending helpful feedback which has made the game improve to this day. This game will be a treat for the simulation enthusiasts, who love farming and planting!
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