Everything you need to know about the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

Gravity bongs use air pressure and water to force out a stream of smoke that you inhale. While they’re often made with household items, like bottles and buckets, the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah adds polish and modern engineering to this once exclusive DIY smoking experience. Much like the gravity bongs that came before it, the Stündenglass Hookah relies on kinetic force, but it differentiates itself with cascading water and opposing air flow technology that makes it operate better than the gravity bongs of the past. Engineered to function seamlessly, the Stündenglass is quite simple and easy for anyone to get the hang of, making it great for house parties and group smoke sessions. If you’re interested in combining true smoking classics with modern tech and design, then look no further. Here’s everything you need to know about the Stündednglass Gravity Hookah.

The design 

The Stündenglass Hookah looks elegant and comes in packaging that makes the unboxing experience feel like opening up a brand new iPhone. Its clean, minimalistic design uses aircraft grade aluminum, surgical grade stainless steel, and high-quality Teflon seals. This is not your grandpa’s gravity bong. It features a 360° rotating hookah, which is what produces the kinetic force mentioned above, and is positively mesmerizing once it’s in use.

How does it work? 

The Stündenglass can accommodate flower, concentrates, and shisha, giving you the fun of a gravity bong with the versatility to consume a variety of products. Fitted with a 14 millimeter joint, the Stündenglass works with any 14 millimeter accessory, including bowls, bangers, and the GPen Connect. Here are the basics how to set up a hookah:
  1. Start by filing one chamber with water.
  2. Attach both chambers to the base.
  3. Load flower or concentrate into the bowl.
  4. Apply heat
  5. Flip the device and watch the water pull through the two-way stem.
The flipping gives you control over the amount of smoke and speed of combustion. For example, a 180° flip will push out more smoke than a 45° flip. Exploring the flipping and the perfect hit size is part of the fun. Once the bottom chamber is filled with water and the other with smoke, you’re ready to flip and hit. As you start to flip the device, a steady stream of smoke will flow through the contactless mouthpiece, perfect for germ-free consumption — but it can be kind of overwhelming. The strength of the smoke flow depends on how far the unit is flipped, using gravity to control the ignition of materials and output of smoke. If you want more control over the smoke, you can attach the accompanying hose for a hookah-like experience. Regardless of which method you use, the inhalation experience is much like that of taking a bong rip. If that scares you, start slow, do small flips, and pack small bowls until you get the hang of it. With the time you save on assembly, you can spend getting to know your preferred setup.

What’s included?

Stündenglass provides everything you’ll need for the best gravity bong experience:
  • Base
  • Two globes
  • Flower bowl
  • Hookah bowl
  • Coal tray
  • Hookah mouthpiece
  • 3-foot hose


You may be eyeing the Stündenglass to wow your weed-loving friends, but it could also win over cocktail lovers too. The included 3-foot hose can be used to add smoke to drinks, elevating both your home smoking and imbibing skills. The Stündengalss also comes with a 10-year warranty, so long as you register within 30 days of purchase. Much like major technological purchases, the warranty offers peace of mind for your investment. Stündenglass also offers a number of customizable accessories: hookah hoses and tips, interchangeable globes, and mouthpieces are just a few of the ways you can customize your device to match your style.

How to clean the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

Much like other glass smokeware, isopropyl alcohol does the trick. Pour the alcohol into one globe, reattach the other, and flip the device until the globes are coated with the solution. Remove the globes and give them a rinse with soap and warm water. To clean the base, you can use a q-tip and alcohol to get into the crevices and remove any residue. For a deeper clean, disassemble the elbow or joint of the Stündenglass, remove the rubber plug, and clean the valve. You can also remove the stems and clean them with alcohol as well. Stündengalss offers a cleaning kit that comes with all the tools, brushes, and wipes you’ll need to keep your own shiny and well-functioning.

What’s the appeal?

In the past, gravity bongs were part science project, part smoking experience. The nostalgia of old school gravity bongs shouldn’t be forgotten, and Stündenglass maintains that classic fun while removing the work of assembling your own piece. It’s perfect for folks looking to honor the history of consumption, with a sleek, modern twist that’s perfect for covid-friendly smoke sessions. At $599.95, the Stündenglass is for the early adopter smoker — like me — who wants to have all the cool new gadgets, loves weed, and desires to enhance their group smoking experiences. Check out the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah on stundenglass.com.



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