Eternium MOD APK v1.5.5 Download (Unlimited Gems/Rubies/No Ads)

Eternium MOD APK: You would agree with me if I say that 2020 is the time of RPG games. As in 2019 people are getting bored with Action-adventure games and as per statics, everyone is going with RPG style simple 3d games. Role-playing games have changed everything because people these games are easy to understand and simple to play. The game which is getting popularity these days is Eternium MOD APK and I am sure that 2020 would be of Eternium on Android. What made this game more interesting is that this game is simple to play, just one tap to move and one swipe to cast and attack. You can play this game online and offline. The best thing about the game which I found is that graphics and sound quality. With a modern style of gameplay, this game is loved by many teenagers from all around the world. No doubt game is built by keeping in mind the style of 2020 gameplay, but still, this game will make you feel like that some old-style graphics game with all new latest game styles. Why MOD APK? Now, you might be thinking that this game is free to play and yes, this game is 100% free to play but most of the people are spending money in Eternium for Android. But if you’re like me who don’t want to spend a single penny on these games then you might go with something called Eternium MOD APK for Android device. In this post, I’ll give you a download link to Eternium MOD APK, not only modded version but also original APK for those who don’t want to use any kind of trick or mod in order to play and end this game quickly. But if you’re like me then you will definitely go with something called Eternium MOD APK, but make sure you read the installation details given below the post.

Eternium Mega MOD APK v1.5.5 Unlimited Money/Rubies

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Download Eternium v1.5.5 MOD APK


Download Eternium Original APK


Eternium MOD APK Overview

Initially, the game was released in 2014 and since then it has been around 6 years and spite losing its popularity it is getting huge love from the gamers. This game is purely the mixture of old-style graphics but a new gameplay style. This game has crossed more than 10 million downloads over Google Play Store.

Features of Eternium MOD APK

How to Play Eterium APK
  • In 2017, some important features were introduced, these are like the development of stages, new real-time multiplayer, town portal and other.
  • You will play this game as a mage, or Bounty hunter, the list goes to Warrior, Wielding a sword, axe or gun. Upgrade all these by learning new abilities.
  • Your enemies would be skeletons, aliens, dragons, automatons, demons, and other dangerous creatures comes in endless dangerous levels.
  • Explore dark caves and dungeons, dangerous forest, graveyards and villages, lay siege to demon controlled castles, also travel to moon.
  • Locations consist of snowy mountain peaks, deserts, red planet, jungles, pyramids and dangerous creatures residing there.
  • You will be getting treasure chests which will give you gold, gemstones, and other battle equipment. Get helmets, hoods, shoulder pads, and other weapons like shield and assault weapons.
  • You need to rescue your tank and ranger, a healer who will be your companions in your battle. A mixture of their abilities and yours will give you powerful combos and rewards in Eternium MOD APK.
  • Enjoy the wonderful storyline, filled with awesome funny characters, and adventure. Look for your arch-enemy, Ragadam in the game while discovering new chests and rewards.

Gameplay and the Controls

How to Play Eterium APK You will get really exhilarating and exciting gameplay. As in other different games, you need to control your player with left thumb but in Eternium MOD APK you need to touch the screen in order to move your player. This makes me feel like you’re playing the game on PC. If you get used to the controls you gonna love this game. But if you’re playing this game with joystick then you need to keep your thumb and use it. Tap to move and then select the destination and then tap the screen to enjoy. There no limit, you can touch anywhere on the screen to make your character move constantly. It’s upon you to use one finger or both, I am comfortable with one finger only but you know yourself which should you use in Eternium MOD APK.

How to Install?

  1. First, you need to make sure that you’re downloading this game for the first time
  2. If you have any previous version of the game then uninstall it
  3. Now, download Eternium MOD APK or normal APK whichever you like
  4. Enable “Unkown Sources” Option from Settings>Security
  5. Install the game on your Android device
  6. Allow any other permission if the game asks for
  7. Enjoy the game

Final Words

I played this game for a month and after playing this for this long what I observed is that if you’re RPG gaming lover or you’re a hardcore gamer then Eternium MOD APK is something you should definitely download on your Mobile device. If you face any problem while downloading or installing this game then comment below with your problem and I’ll solve your problem as soon as I read your comment. Don’t forget to share this wonderful post with your friends and play this game with them.
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