Elona Mobile Nefia guide and how to clear them

Elona Mobile, a rogue-like adventure game has recently been launched globally for Android and iOS. The game has allowed players to fully discover its content on their own. Upon being chosen in the game’s bizarre world, the player has the freedom to choose their own path. No matter which is the choice, there are some basics to be followed. This includes getting stronger to resist the constant dangers which are coming your way. The lands of North Tyris are really perfect for this, as there appear dungeons which need to be cleared. These dungeons are referred to as Nefia. In this Elona Mobile guide, we will look at Nefia, and help you fully prepare to clear and navigate through them.

What is Nefia in Elona Mobile

A Nefia is a collective term used for all dungeons in Elona Mobile. There are 2 types of Nefia in Elona Mobile, a one-star Nefia and a three-star Nefia. One-star Nefia is only found on the World Map, while three-star can be found at regular locations on the map. All Nefia consist of different contents, with some having enter requirements, but can be entered without condition. Nefia have multiple floors, of which you’ll normally spawn at the lowest floor, either fighting your way up the stairs until the exit portal or forfeiting by using one of many possible leaving options.
Elona Mobile Nefia
Another difference of Nefia in Elona Mobile is that three-star Nefia can be rerun infinitively, whereas one-star Nefia on the map of North Tyris will be inaccessible upon clearing or leaving them. They will always be reset in similar difficulty and position daily once cleared or abandoned. Closing the game in a Nefia won’t reset it or return you home. Instead, it will lead you back to the exact situation one was before leaving the game. Nefia may display warnings because of their difficult floor enemies, but it should not scare one if he is prepared for the danger. Inside the Nefia, different things apply which will mainly put your stats to the test. The main concerns are the enemies to face off, chests to loot and bosses to slay. Other than that, Nefia does have several other purposes too. This includes obtaining quest items, gaining material, furniture. These decoration items are items with no purpose, as upgrading your Home rank or increasing your basic stats through grinding. We’ll talk about some of these individually so you’ll know what they’re all about.

Danger Level/Difficulty

Elona Mobile Nefia
The Danger Level is a mere estimate of what level and type of monsters you will likely face, of which each Nefia has their own difficulty prescribed:
Danger Level Difficulty
1-4 Easy
5-9 Normal
10-14 Hard
15-19 Very Hard
20-30 Nightmare
The last floor’s boss level is expected to be higher than the floor level itself. It is a challenging foe to take down.


The monsters of a Nefia dungeon will always start off easy, but get harder as you enter higher floors. Depending on the Danger Level, there are three types of monsters that have a chance to appear: normal, invisible and elite. Normal monsters are the most commonly found and easy to beat types. Invisible (transparent) are impossible to hit, unless they come in contact with a liquid of some sort or if you have gear (e.g Sage’s helmet) that allows you to “see” them. Elite types are quite the bunch to handle due to their buffed stats and can be distinguished by a yellow magic circle underneath them, adjusted to their size. Monsters can also apply buffs to themselves and negative statuses to you and your party members. Some have a chance to appear with modifiers that determine how strong that monster is, of whom stats depend on what present floor you’re at. Chances of meeting with stronger types increase as you progress to your Deepest Level, which is your highest floor reached without dying.

Non-party allies

Elona Mobile Nefia
In any difficulty Nefia floor, you might hear or see NPC’s fighting one another. These are friendly types and will aid you in clearing that part of the dungeon they spawn in. This doesn’t mean they can’t be fought, but unless it’s for a quest or gaining an ally this is fully unnecessary. Non-party types can also apply buffs to themselves and have a chance to appear with Elite as well. Don’t worry about them taking your kills because anything earned from them will be directly transferred to you. They can’t be interacted with, but do express themselves through dialogue from time to time. They can be turned into an interactable party member once weakened and captured using a Monster Ball, through this would require combat through force (long tap and select the sword icon) or using Mercy (Feat skill).

Captured NPC’s

If you’ve taken a quest that requires you to retrieve someone from a Nefia, they’ll be found caged after you’ve cleared at least the first floor. These NPC’s can be released and will be a new addition to that town that requested their retrieval, ready to be interacted with for whatever cause they were rescued.


Elona Mobile Nefia
Bosses are one regular enemy, but usually bigger and a tad bit stronger than the average monster. They deal higher damage and are even harder to beat if they appear as Elite. They can be found at the end of the floor of a dungeon, but one might still run into them early if he unintentionally, takes the short route to their spawn. Like all enemies, once alerted, they will follow you, forcing you to either engage in combat. One can leave using one of many ways (scrolls, exit stairs, dying). Once beaten, they will drop a Mystery chest, Platinum Coins, 1 Scroll of Return and random amounts of Nefia Points and Fame.


Elona Mobile Nefia
Reliant on your Anatomy skill level, all monsters, bosses included have a chance to drop edible corpses (Meat). The higher the level of enemy faced, the more the corpse’s value and weight. In the Nefia, the main value is satisfying hunger. They can also be used for increasing favour if you have chosen a religion.


Quests can require to go through a Nefia and beat (specific) monsters or acquire materials. Materials can be found scattered in the Nefia, with the availability depending on the type of Nefia you enter (Cave, Mine, Lake Forest, Fortress, Nest, Tower or Cemetary).

Rare events

Elona Mobile Nefia
These rarities might occur in a Nefia from time to time. A few notable ones are the discovery of a random campsite, banquet, passing priest and wealthy man spraying coins, all seen upon entering a floor. In the beginning, it might not hurt to inspect these by stepping on their tile; seemingly good fortune is always on your side, but this is merely by chance, and possibly influenced by Luck. You have a chance to get good fortune or else you may also lose something instead. One must take a wise choice before or when approaching these rare events.


Elona Mobile Nefia
Random loot chests, pots and piles/boxes containing material can be found in Nefia, each different in level and content. The type of loot found can be once again influenced by your Luck feat, but this merely an extra factor.
  • Small Chest: A commonly found type of chest that usually only gives EXP and/or Gold coins, but they can also drop rare items. Their purpose exists mainly for upgrading your Lockpicking skill.
  • Chest: These drop random loot, but require a Lock pick to open, mainly influenced by your Lockpicking skill.
  • (Hidden) Chest: These are like normal Chests and the same stuff applies to them, but they are the type that needs to be discovered by mining away a certain area.
  • Mystery chests: A certain drop from bosses that contains random loot. These don’t require a Lockpick, nor its relevant skill to open.
  • Bejewelled chests: found randomly on some Nefia floors and drops random loot, but requires a Lockpick to open.
  • Pots: Random fragile obstacles can be found scattered around floors. Upon stepping, they’ll break and have a chance to drop random amounts of gold and possible items.
Elona Mobile Nefia
These are randomly found on specific Nefia types, differing in material and gathering attempts. They give team skill EXP depending on the type of pile and can only be gathered if the relevant team skill is high enough. They’re also stored in the bag’s Material Box, so no need to make space for them.


Random boosters can be found in the depths of the floors of any Nefia in Elona Mobile. Upon moving up to their space, the message “Your team feels more energetic!” will show and/or will apply a buff depending on which one has been activated.
  • Red Banner: Increases STR, CON, and DEX, applicable for 70 turns
  • Blue Peace of Mind:  Increases Perc, Magic, and Will, applicable for 70 turns
  • Angel Statue: Instantly restores bits of HP. You’re welcome.


In Elona Mobile, everything depends on turns. Everything moves similar to a chessboard within this case, animated chess pieces. Things like the walking spaces, time, travelling on the world map (28 turns), gathering from piles, weather duration, monster movement, buffs and debuffs are all influenced by turns. Turns are independent of stats, skill or weapon, whereas the aforementioned solely rely on it. It can be used as an advantage depending on the situation. For example, it can be used to run out of an inflicted negative status. Until the decision to take your turn is taken, everything around the player will remain frozen in place. There are a few things that are not influenced by turns. These are freedom to eat, observing your surroundings, changing team tactics, buying something and selecting a potion/skill for quick use.

Nefia Covenant

Nefia Covenants apply buffs to the player and his party when inside a Nefia. They are viewed through the top center screen. Activating a Bless requires Nefia Points. It can be always obtained by killing monsters in a Nefia. With more points acquired, the more active Nefia Bless your character can have at a time. Once a milestone of points (bar glows yellow) is reached, it is possible to Unlock a free helpful Bless. If the Floor is many levels lower than one’s own, not points will be gained for defeating enemies.
There is also max limit to how many points can be earned per day, but it’s still possible to reset the covenant once multiple times before it becomes costly. Resetting it will remove all the covenant’s buffs. Although, the limit to how many points can be earned will be increased. You’ll also earn more Nefia Coins (double if using diamonds) used to apply permanent buffs. This depends on the character Pact which is signed. When it comes down to Ally pacts, one has to individually assign them as well, but they last regardless if the ally is abandoned.

Before proceeding to enter a Nefia in Elona Mobile

Level up your skills

A Nefia in Elona Mobile requires preparation before entering. The first thing which needs to be done is to check whether the skill level surpasses the Nefia’s floor in difficulty. A level 5 entering a level 6-10 dungeon might pass depending on their gear, tactics, potions and stats. But that same level 5 may not leave a level 20 dungeon unscratched, especially not alone. Levelling up also increases some basic stats, but this does not mean any good yet to enter high-level Nefia.

Stock up

Elona Mobile Nefia
Another important thing is to stock up on scrolls, potions and rations. Innkeepers, Bartenders, Blacksmiths, Vendors and Magic Shopkeepers will provide one with the basic needs ( even more if they’re upgraded through Investment). There are regular food spawns that may also keep one satiated. Another way is to constantly run dungeons to stockpile potions and corpses. It should be followed by cooking, for gaining more satiety. Storing them in a Refrigerator or Cooler Box so they won’t spoil. This is quite timely, but you may also purchase goods with real money to avoid the grind. It’s recommended to just run dungeons for the many bonuses they give. Here’s a list of must-have potions and scrolls to stock up on and the reasons to have them.

Potion of Cure Minor/Major/Critical Wounds

These items cure most negative statuses (Confused, Poisoned, Dim, Graze, Bleeding). Upon drinking them, they require one to give up a turn to use, so one must make sure the player is not near his end before using them.

Liquid potions ( Wine, Beer, Water, etc)

These are useful for invisible enemies. Throwing these at them makes them vulnerable, though one might miss some shots while starting to move spaces.

Potion of Cure Mutation

Mutations often occur to your character, independent of class and race, though some equipment and the Elea race provides some resistance. Carrying a potion of Cure Mutation will remove 2 randomly inflicted mutations, independent of their benefit (good or bad).

Potion of Cure Weakness

This is a secondary choice once you run out of healing potions, as it only removes the long turn Weakness debuff (-20% to all stats) The problem is it’s not as widely available, which is all the more reason to keep them stacked in the inventory.

Potion of Cure Corruption

One of the ways to escape Etherwind is running a dungeon before the mostly negative Ether Disease inside the player worsens its symptoms. It’s handy to have as many Potions of Cure Corruption as possible at all times as these cure 2 random Ether Diseases effortlessly.

Harmful liquids (Poison, Sulfuric Acid, Potion of Weakness, Potion of Blindness)

Carrying negative potions might come in handy in a dungeon, especially if they’re thrown at enemies. Notably, Poison or Sulfuric Acid acts as a cure if one happens to get “Pregnant” by an alien mutant, killing it and preventing a possible party or city-wide infestation.

Scroll of Return

This is the best scroll to have at hand before entering a Nefia as they ensure a safe return to a desired discovered location. If used on a one-star Nefia, they will always apply the leave penalty*
Elona Mobile Nefia
*If you die or use a Scroll of Escape/Return or leave using the exit stairs to leave a one-star Nefia, the message “the door of this dungeon is closed forever” will always appear, not allowing you to reenter the dungeon unless a Statue of Opatos is involved.

Scroll of Escape

This is a scroll meant for instantly escaping a dungeon which upon usage teleports you directly outside the dungeon (entrance) though the leave drawback cannot be evaded.

Scroll of Vanish Curse/ Uncurse

Unless provided some resistance, the equipment has a chance to be found or get cursed, making them unable to be removed from your character and limiting its strength. A scroll of Vanish Curse or Scroll of Uncurse (depending on how powerful the curse is) is handy in this type of situation as it removes all curses on the party at once.

Scroll of Identify/Greater Identification

One might come across an item that describes it needs identification to know its purpose and enchantments. This is where Scrolls of Identify and Scrolls of Greater Identifications come in handy as they instantly identify a specific object without the need of heading over to a town in search of an Identifier.

Gain some powerful allies

Elona Mobile Nefia
A lone wolf may come far, but having a team member or two at your side will make a huge difference. Allies can be obtained by using Monster Balls on a weakened target, Scrolls of Ally or via Gacha (Draw Egg). The benefit of allies is that they will fight for you and never leave your side no matter the danger. Perhaps this is also a major drawback, but either way setting up a party and gearing them up will help complete the Nefia much faster. As a bonus tip, keep both the satiety levels of one’s team at +100% at all times for a 20% EXP boost when slaying monsters.

Choose comfortable weapons

Damage dealt depends on the stat (Long Sword, Short Sword, Axe, Polearm, etc.) relating to the type of weapon or defense wielded. If you have a low rarity or low damage weapon, it might seem tempting to switch to another high level one of a different type. If the relevant stat is not upgraded, chances are it won’t deal the desired bonus damage. There is nothing wrong with switching to another desired stronger weapon type, but this might cause you to rerun dungeons for the sake of upgrading that specific weapon’s type skill. Stick to a weapon type you’re most comfortable with and keep it enhanced, so this doesn’t have to happen often.

Clear the clutter

It’s important to have lots of space and available weight in your inventory before entering a Nefia to ensure not dropping an important item for another. Extending your inventory capacity will help you carry more stuff, but always be aware of the maximum weight capacity. If overweight due to a few items, it will inflict the Heavy status and slow you down. If an item carried weighs more than your stats can carry, you will Overload, limiting your maximum speed up to where you can’t even walk and making you damage from turn to turn.

Entering a Nefia

As one is prepared to enter a Nefia in Elona Mobile, it’s time to head over to one of similar or a bit lower difficulty compared to your level. Of course, you can never be too careful, so we’ll now share some tips on how to successfully complete any desired one.

Learn and use Magic type skills

You can find random Magic skills that can be useful in combat when successfully deciphered. This will require your Literacy to be at that level that can successfully pass all required turns to understand that skill book. Once learned, put them in your quick equip slots (¹2) and feel free to use them whenever necessary. Upgrading the held weapons stat ( Level 20+) will also unlock a special skill. One must also keep in mind your SP and Rage as using too much SP can cause you to get Tired and Rage (the Super Saiyan power-up effect) last for a short while if the ultimate skill remains unused.

Control the field (1)

This is where the stock up and playing tactful part is put into action. If low on health, one must move around a few spaces where there are no enemies to naturally heal. In case of some debuff problems, try to move away and use a potion of Cure Minor/Major/Critical Wounds to remove them. Don’t be intimidated by the enemy’s size, but do mind their stats which can be viewed by long-pressing their current spot and selecting the magnifying glass icon. You don’t have to do this for each enemy, but this is especially handy if you want to know what you’re up against.

Get the most out of the dungeon

Elona Mobile Nefia
Unless one is doing it for finishing quests or just bits of EXP, a Nefia on the World Map in Elona Mobile is useless for speed-running. To get the most out of the dungeon it’s better to explore every bit of the floors and complete eventual dungeon-specific missions. Upon finding the next floor stairs, regardless of where one turns, a red guide arrow will always guide the way back to it. Therefore, one can freely walk around in case he forgets to pick something. Players must be aware of the fact that monsters can still spawn, typically off-screen, while exploring around. By exploring the bits of the dungeon floors, players will slowly but surely upgrading their stats. This means that one will be a bit more powerful after clearing it.

Control the field (2)

Once the party members are tempted to attack any foe within /out of visual, they’re putting themselves in danger in your place. It will be a huge blow if a member is lost as facing off against the dungeon mobs will be difficult alone. This is why it is recommended to long-press them and Plan Tactics to select between Offensive and Evasion Mode of which the latter will make them transparent (but not invincible) and avoid combat. One can also use Flags to do this for all party members instead of doing the aforementioned step for each individual.

Failing a Nefia

Some runs of clearing the Nefia might turn out unsuccessful in Elona Mobile. This is regardless of what tactics used, and even lead to death at a point. If one dies and has 10 diamonds (increases per dungeon resurrection) or a Medkit in your inventory, it is possible to respawn with max HP and without a penalty, but only once per dungeon/location. Dying without these objects will let one choose out of the remaining options. This includes watching an ad (limited to 3 per day) and return home with a Weakened debuff or return Weakened, losing half your collected gold. Attempting to leave the game will always return the player back to the dungeon perished. In case the daily ad limit resets, it’s possible to take the first option. Try not to die too often to avoid returning all the way home and resurrecting yourself and/or allies. Take failure as a lesson to further increase the basic stats, gather more resources. Eventually, retry the dungeon if applicable.


Elona Mobile Nefia
The main goal of any adventurer would be to beat every Nefia in Elona Mobile, no matter the danger. This brings us to Lesimas, in nightmare difficulty, endgame exceptional dungeon that allows you to restart and return to its most recent cleared floor (up to 45) even after you die or leave. The end-floor boss is known to be one of the most insanely powerful bosses in the game and will require one to throw everything you can at him. With all the odds stacked up against you, keep persevering through it and grinding until ready (or “cheat” using a Cat Cradle’s bomb). There will always be more challenging dungeons up ahead so keep the head high and move forward.

Final Thoughts

Clearing a Nefia all depends on how one plays his cards in Elona Mobile. One can only deal so much damage and evade attacks as your stats and equipment allow you to. It is recommended to take proper precautions before entering especially high-level Nefia. With this, we can conclude this Nefia guide in Elona Mobile and wish you the best of luck in clearing the dungeons! What are your thoughts on our Elona Mobile guide which helps you to clear Nefia? Let us know in the comments section below! For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp groupTelegram Group, or Discord server. Also, follow us on Google News, Instagramand Twitter for quick updates.
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