Electric scooter Niu NQi GTS Sport in practice test: brilliant!


The technical data of the Niu NQi GTS Sport

The Niu NQi GTS Sport works with a brushless hub motor that delivers 3,100 watts at 60 volts. It draws its energy from two 26-amp hour batteries that have a range of around 90 to a maximum of 105 kilometers. In the test, there were still 30 percent in the batteries after a good 65 kilometers, so the manufacturer’s information appears to be correct. But you don’t want to drive the scooter completely empty, because the last percent switches the Niu into a kind of “moped mode” and creeps to the destination. There is no point in charging for a conventional charging station, because without the external charger, there is no point. However, there is no weak point here, but a huge bonus point for the scooter – the batteries can be removed quickly and easily and can be transported to the socket. If you don’t have a socket in the garage, you’ll love this feature. The charging time is approximately 8 hours from zero to full.
The Niu NQi GTS Sport drives a maximum of 70 kilometers per hour and weighs 160 kilograms. Braking is carried out with two disc brakes and the integrated recuperation. The 14-inch tires are large enough for city traffic and offer sufficient internal damping. There are also LED headlights and anti-theft protection in the form of an alarm system. You will find a small transport hook and a USB port under the handlebar, but storage space is limited due to the two batteries. Without the additional top case, neither a helmet nor provisions can be stored in the scooter. There is just enough space under the saddle for your wallet and a pack of chewing gum.
The display on the Niu NQi GTS Sport is huge, but extremely practical. A few information about the trip, current charge level, mileage display, selected driving mode – end. This is a shame because there would also be space on the handlebar for a large display that could offer a navigation system or even Apple Carplay or Android Auto in addition to driving information. Instead, drivers of a Niu need their cell phone, but there are optional holders available from the manufacturer. Speaking of cell phones: There is also an app, here you can find some more information about the scooter. It is not necessary for driving.

This is how the Niu NQi GTS Sport electric scooter drives

First of all, we clarify the question of driving license: Who can actually drive the Niu NQi GTS Sport? This scooter is a light motorcycle, colloquially known as “125”, even if terms referring to cubic in the electrical age hardly make any sense. This classification means that for driving on the “big” Niu you need an A1 driving license or the key number B196 newly introduced in 2020. For this, the scooter rewards its driver with a maximum of 70 km / h and the opportunities to swim smoothly in city traffic, make appropriate progress on the country road and even take short trips on the highway.

The best street legal e-scooters

The Niu NQi GTS Sport performed very well in all scenarios. It is very comfortable for drivers under 190 cm, ironing bumps away and accelerating quickly to top speed. Brief note: All driving impressions come from a test drive with both batteries. For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that the Niu would also be ready to drive with just one battery, but can then only call up the performance of a 50 scooter. However, the NQi GTS has to withstand one minus point: the sound that the turn signals make is absolutely terrible. Traffic lights almost shame when pedestrians wonder where this miserable noise comes from. Since the Niu even has an automatic switch-off when a certain inclined position is reached, such a penetrative reminder would actually not be necessary.

The peculiarity of charging the Niu batteries

Scooters like the electric Vespa or the Schwalbe had to withstand nasty comments in the test, since the battery is permanently installed in both scooters. This leads to a problem that may even prevent many buyers from buying: If you do not have a socket close to the scooter, if it needs electricity, you have a problem. This is a logistical challenge for drivers whose scooters have to sleep on the street or city dwellers with underground garages where only the light has electricity. Of course, you could charge the scooter at every charging station, since there are also household sockets there, but first you need such a column nearby and secondly a card from the relevant provider. It is easier to bring the batteries to the home socket. Niu offers a (massive) charger with two outputs, where one or both batteries can be filled.
With the Niu NQi GTS Sport, the batteries are located under the seat and under the running board. Both are easy to remove with a key and are easy to carry thanks to the handle, even if the 11-kilo batteries are not lightweight. By the way: You can get additional batteries from the manufacturer for around 1,200 euros. Theoretically, the range could be multiplied if you were willing to spend so much money on a battery.

It costs a Niu NQi GTS Sport




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