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A.Retrofitting ntivirus software is no longer so important these days, Windows 10’s own protection solution reliably fends off malware. Additional protection programs are more important: Steganos Privacy Suite 21 combines encryption and password manager – and thus the most important additional protection components. The encryption protects files in containers / safes from unauthorized access. Thanks to the password management, you no longer need to memorize complex log-in phrases – and because of the automatic log-in, you no longer have to type them into the browser.

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Privacy tools from Steganos

This is what Steganos Privacy Suite 21 does

The start interface is tidy and shows the tiles “Safe” and “Password Manager”. In the safe module, you follow an assistant to create a data container. This will later be integrated into Windows Explorer. This is only possible after entering your password, which you define individually in the setup wizard – as well as a drive letter. You specify the size of your safe in gigabytes. You can close the container again with a click to lock it and to require you to enter the password again for access. The safes are stored in the documents subfolder of the Windows user account: there in the “Steganos Safe” directory and in SLE format. An interesting option is “Drive grows dynamically”: If you check this box, your SLE files do not require gigabytes of storage space. Instead, they initially take up little disk space and grow in size as you copy new files into them. In the case of non-dynamic safes, the containers require the full memory even without content; however, there is no additional consumption if you deposit files there. The password manager can be reached via the tile of the same name: It stores log-ins, bank account and credit card data. A virtual keyboard is available for both the Password Safe and the Password Manager: You do not enter your access key with the keyboard, but click on virtual keys with the mouse. This protects against keyloggers. Both modules also have PicPass: Here you click on given photos or symbols in a certain order to authenticate yourself. The sequences each correspond to a specific code phrase that you don’t need to keep in mind.

Shredder function for confidential data

There is a hidden data shredder that is used to securely delete hard drive files. You can reach it by calling up the Explorer with Windows-E, opening the folder “C> Programs (x86)> Steganos Privacy Suite 21” and double-clicking on Shredder.exe. It removes both individual files and folders. With the latter, not only do the contents disappear, but also the directories. The shredder is suitable for hard drives, but not for SSDs: These automatically overwrite deleted files when idle using the TRIM function. Furthermore, data shredders in SSDs cannot specifically target storage areas in order to erase content, since SSDs redirect write access to other storage cells to increase the service life (wear leveling). A tip if you want to use the shredder more often: Pin it to the taskbar. You start it, right-click on its system tray icon and select “Pin to system tray”.

Register the full Steganos version for free

After the installation, Steganos Privacy Suite 21 runs as a 30-day test version. To turn it into a full version, you go through a multi-stage registration procedure:
1. Visit the Action page, there you enter your e-mail address and confirm with “Request serial number”. Open the new message from “Steganos Software GmbH” in your e-mail inbox. Click on the confirmation link in it. Another email should be received from the provider, this time with your serial number. Copy them to the clipboard.
2. Go to the website and create a user account there with “Register”. You will also receive an email here with a confirmation link that you follow. You “confirm” and log in with your Steganos access data.
3. To the right of “Steganos Privacy Suite” click on “Your License”. 4th Copy the key shown below “Your serial number” into the clipboard. Select “Enter upgrade serial number”, on the following webpage paste it with Ctrl-V. Confirm with “Redeem”. 5. After starting Steganos Privacy Suite 21, enter your access data for the provider at the bottom left. Complete the activation process by clicking on “Activate”. The software has now been running for a year.

Free: Additional software in the advent calendar

Free full version: Steganos Privacy Suite 21 - download here "Ho ho ho" - COMPUTER BILD Santa Claus has brought free download gifts.  On Christmas Eve and on the days before, he gives you plenty of full version gifts.  Often they cost something else.  © COMPUTER BILD

“Ho, ho, ho” – COMPUTER BILD Santa Claus has brought free download gifts. On Christmas Eve and on the days before, he gives you plenty of full version gifts. Often they cost something else.

The Steganos Privacy Suite 21 is not the only software that you will receive from us for free in December: There are also 23 other top-class downloads. With these you bring the operating system up to date, ensure more security of your data and do creative multimedia work on the PC. Interested parties should look at the daily Advent calendar over. In order not to miss anything, save the calendar in the bookmark bar of your browser. Every day you can open a door and download a full version. The COMPUTER BILD editorial team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Merry Christmas.



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