Disney Plus: How to stream the service on PS4, Xbox One & Co.

Disney Plus on PS4 and Xbox One © Disney plus, Sony, Microsoft

Disney Plus can be streamed on both old and new consoles. COMPUTER BILD shows how it’s done.

D.he streaming service Disney Plus has been available in Germany for over a year. The service can be used to bring the “Star Wars” films, a large part of all Marvel films, all Disney classics and exclusive series to the television at home. Disney Plus is not only available on many streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but also on smart TVs and consoles. COMPUTER BILD explains how to stream Disney Plus on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, as well as Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

Disney Plus at a glance

The cost of the streaming service is 8.99 euros per month or 89.99 euros per year. Up to four devices can stream in parallel, the titles can also be downloaded to mobile devices such as iPads and the like. In addition to numerous Disney classics, there are many superhero hits from Marvel. The new channel “Star” is aimed at adults with its range of films and series.

Disney Plus on PS4 and PS5

Only a few steps are necessary to use Disney Plus on the PS4: First, download the Disney Plus app from the PlayStation Store. After an update of the digital shop, this only works via the console. Sony has deleted an option to initiate the download via the web browser or smartphone via the PlayStation app. If you are already sitting at the PS4, choose the point TV & video in the menu bar. First up is the Disney Plus app. Tap the icon and the console will direct you to the store page. Then select the area load off and the PS4 will download the service. Due to the new console menu, the download on the PS5 works a little differently: The new PlayStation has two categories Games and media. Switch to by pressing the R1 shoulder button media. Search in the overview menu All apps Disney Plus out. Then tap Download. After a few moments, the service will be on your console. Now you can either register or log in. In both cases you need a smartphone or a computer. After you have pressed the corresponding button, an eight-digit code appears on the TV. To register, go to the website at the same time disneyplus.com/start, you want to log in with an existing account disneyplus.com/begin. Now enter the digits in the fields provided and press the button FURTHER. After a short moment you will be logged in or registered and can use Disney Plus on your PlayStation console.

Disney + on Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X

Download and registration are the same for all Xbox game machines due to the similar operating system. You can either go to the Microsoft Store on the console or a web browser on the PC. On the console, select the Microsoft Store (Killing symbol) out. You can either use the tab for the Disney Plus app Apps search or use the search function (the Magnifying glass top right). Tap the field Download. Then exit the store and wait for the app to download. Select the button My games and apps. Disney Plus is in the tab Apps and you can start the service from there. Now log in with your Disney account. As with PS4 and PS5, this works via an eight-digit code. If you have a smartphone at hand, there is a simpler solution: start the Disney Plus app (fr iOS and Android) and do that on the console at the same time. After a few seconds, a dialog window appears on the smartphone that shows the name of your device and two buttons. Tap on Allow and wait for Disney Plus to finish signing in on the console. If you want to load the streaming service via the web browser, go to the Microsoft Store homepage. Sign up about that MalesIcon at the top right. The quickest way to find the Disney Plus app is via search (Magnifying glass to the left of the login symbol). Click the area Install on my devices and then select your Xbox in the dialog box. You start the download by clicking on Start installation press. If the console is in quick start-up mode, it will start downloading immediately. If the Xbox is completely off, the download will not begin until it has started.



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