Did Cosmic Fog sell out to big Tobacco? Know the status here

E-liquids have become the talk of the town. With the counter effects of traditional cigarettes on our health, people are shifting towards using safer modes of consumption. For this, vaping is emerging as the best alternative to keep your body free from side effects. It contains less nicotine content, and some even have zero percentage of chemicals in them. Thus, you can enjoy the benefits of smoking with a strong “hit” without facing side effects. Numerous vendors are selling top-notch e-liquids.

One such trusted and authentic vendor is Cosmic Fog. These Cosmic Fog vape flavors are the best for those looking for increased experience without much effort. It is one of the trusted and most loved vaping sites. But, the California-based company recently became the talk of the town. People are suspicious that Cosmic Fog sold its shares to Fontem Ventures, a Netherlands-based subsidiary of Imperial Brands (formerly Imperial Tobacco Group). It is one of the biggest shocks that came into being. But is this news correct? Or are there confusions regarding the claims? You should not worry at all. Today, our focus will be to give you all the details regarding Cosmic Fog and its correlation with Big Tobacco. We will also try to find out the truth by looking into various aspects.


What is the truth?

First and foremost, we must tell you that these claims are entirely accurate. According to a press release of Fontem, it came into the picture that the company has the “equity share.” The press release does not talk about or release anything else on the shares. No information is there regarding the percentage of Cosmic Fog in possession with the Big Tobacco. The news came as a shock, and not everyone was happy with the overtaking of the company. Now, let us give you some details regarding Cosmic Fog.

All about Cosmic Fog

You are well aware that Cosmic Fog is one of the most loved and successful e-liquid vendors that you will ever come across. It found its origin in 2013. When other companies were busy increasing their popularity, Cosmic Fog focused on augmenting the quality of the products it administers. The e-liquid at the store is the best and comes with numerous advantages. It is one of the largest selling manufacturers. And all its success is because of the hard work of the employees and company as a whole. It sells its products in around 60 countries around the world. And almost everyone has once used its products and enjoyed its benefits. The exciting part of the company is that the vaping apparatus and e-liquids are top-notch in their quality.

No contaminated products or any synthetic material are present in their products. For this only, it is the first choice of the individuals today. But, with this acquisition of shares, a few doubts emerge in the minds of the people. Whether Big Tobacco will succeed in maintaining the quality of the e-liquid or not?

In the next section, we will let you know the outcomes of this amalgamation for your better understanding.

Results of the overtaking of the shares by Big Tobacco

When we talk about Big Tobacco, the CEO believes that becoming a partner in Cosmic Fog is a great opportunity. They contend that the reason behind their buying shares of the Cosmic Fog is the expertise of the employees of the company. It will fill them with great opportunities and entrepreneurship. It will help in retaining the quality of the e-liquids without any compromise. Thus, it will help them manufacture high-quality liquid without any contamination in these liquids.

The CEO of Cosmic Fog believes that it will open doors for thousands of new opportunities for both stakeholders. It will help them generate top-notch liquids with all the money and effort in ample quantities. In addition to this, the amalgamation between the two companies is the best example for other companies to come forward and contribute towards the best products.

Now, from a consumer point of view, the stance differs. For instance, it will be difficult for the consumers to place their trust in the products. Nobody is sure about the quality of the e-liquids.

In addition to this, FDA is soon going to issue a notice of rulemaking for e-liquid flavors. It will ensure that everything is as per rules and regulations. But, as time passes by, It will be a great show to watch the skills and knowledge of both the companies. It will surely give rise to the best e-liquid flavors with the added advantage of numerous health benefits.


Benefits of the amalgamation between the companies

We are familiar with the effects of this amalgamation on individuals, consumers, employees, etc. Why has the company taken this step? The reason is simple. Earlier, Cosmic Fog was alone, and there was a lack of combined skill. With the buying of shares of the company, Big Tobacco will lend a hand in increasing the production and the quality of the e-liquid flavors. In addition to this, individuals will also get an opportunity to enjoy loads of new variants of e-liquids. So, it is best for everyone. But, there is one thing that the companies need to consider. It is their duty not to compromise with the quality in any manner. The popularity of the Cosmic Fog e-liquid was only because of its best quality without any side effects. Thus, both the companies have to pledge not to play with the quality of the e-liquids. In addition to this, when the quality is not perfect. The direct impact will be on the sales of the company. Thus, both of them should consider this thing in their minds.


E-liquids are becoming popular daily. The reasons behind the same are multifold. With no side effects and only added health benefits, these vaping methods are pure and safe. The e-liquids contain zero nicotine content and come with loads of health benefits. You get diverse options to choose your favorite flavor and enjoy the instant “hit.” Now, the amalgamation between the Cosmic Fog and Big Tobacco is an opportunity for consumers today. It opens the door for a wide range of flavors and advantages that will help them enjoy their vaping experience to a great extent. In addition to this, it is clear that Big Tobacco is the owner of the shares of the Cosmic Fog. But, it will be interesting to know the percentage of dividends that will determine the decision-making rights to a great extent. Rest, it will be a great show to watch ahead.



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