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To the average person, artificial intelligence seems to be something on the verge of fantasy, but in fact, it has already firmly entered our life, although we do not notice it. Artificial intelligence is a hardware-software circuit that performs a specific intellectual function that previously could only be performed by humans. Often now, artificial intelligence copes with a number of functions even better than humans. The main task of artificial intelligence is to draw a logical conclusion. 

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A striking example of the use of artificial intelligence in our life is mobile applications that recognize speech. For example, the navigator or the Google Now application for Android smartphones, which tracks the user’s location, suggests the best routes for moving between the most visited points, reminds of events, informs about the state of the road if the user is going somewhere, etc. Contextual advertising on the Internet, which is offered to the user depending on which sites he has visited before, to which advertising he has responded positively in the past, as well as based on the analysis of the profile on social networks, is also displayed using programs with artificial intelligence. Even the usual spell checking in text editors can also be attributed to artificial intelligence systems.

In general, there are five areas of work in computer science: 

  • Collection;
  • Transmission; 
  • Storage; 
  • Processing and presentation of information. 

Artificial intelligence solves the problems of two of them: processing and storage. The information base that artificial intelligence refers to is stored in the AI itself, as events from our lives are stored in our memory. Based on this information base, artificial intelligence processes the incoming new information and, based on it, makes a logical conclusion. To make artificial intelligence function in this way, it is first necessary to describe and present basic information in the correct format and systematize within a certain system, that is, to form a conceptual model of the subject area. Hire AI developers to know everything from the inside. Then, regular machine learning needs to be done to ensure the advanced work of artificial intelligence.

Machine learning

Today there is a separate area of machine learning – teaching artificial intelligence to recognize natural language. That is, training a machine using special technologies to transform an ordinary human speech into complex-structured algorithms, according to which the machine then performs its actions. This technology can be used in the future when programming robots. A case in point: an artificial intelligence robot that can recognize ordinary speech can act as a waiter, taking an order, processing it and passing it to the kitchen, and then delivering it to a visitor. Also, online robots with such abilities can be excellent consultants in online stores. In addition, this technology significantly improves the work of search engines, as it allows you to better analyze texts and find answers to users’ questions. When working with text, a command in natural language is transformed into a graph – a visual representation of semantic relations – then, this graph is correlated with a more complex graph that visualizes semantic relations within the text, and as a result of this correlation, the machine makes a general conclusion.

A machine learning specialist is involved in preparing data and building models for machine learning, optimizing existing algorithms. The most important thing for a machine learning specialist is to be well versed in programming, know several programming languages, and be savvy in mathematics and statistics.



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