“Cyberpunk 2077”: Patch 1.2 declares war on teleporting police officers

CD Projekt Red has announced a new patch for the action game “Cyberpunk 2077”. Version 1.2 is intended to tackle the often criticized police system, among other things: Law enforcement officers should no longer materialize immediately behind the player when he or she commits a crime. Instead, in the future, a police drone will first check what is happening before the officers march in from a greater distance. Teleporting police officers were among the numerous inconsistencies in “Cyberpunk 2077” that have been criticized by gamers since its launch last December. Patch 1.2, for which CD Projekt has not yet given a release date, aims to improve further of these points of criticism. This includes driving a car, which is often very rough: According to CD Projekt, fluctuations in the frame rate lead to an uneven driving experience. As of Patch 1.2, cars should react more predictably at frame rates from 20 FPS. In the game options, you can also set how sensitively vehicles should react to keyboard or gamepad inputs. Patch 1.2 for “Cyberpunk 2077” should also contain numerous fixes for bugs that continue to plague visitors in the Night City game world. However, CD Projekt has not yet published a full list of changes. The latest patch was released two months ago: At the end of January, the Polish development studio released update 1.1, which was later followed by a hotfix. The fact that the waiting time until the second major patch turned out to be quite long is said to have been due to the cyber attack on CD Projekt: Criminal hackers were able to gain access to the game company’s servers in February and steal internal documents and code. The attackers also encrypted the data on the server to demand a ransom. CD Projekt did not pay and restored the files via backups. In a roadmap published at the beginning of the year for “Cyberpunk 2077”, which started in poor technical condition, CD Projekt only announced patches 1.1 and 1.2. According to the schedule, this should be followed by “numerous updates and improvements” later in the year. In addition, according to the roadmap, the release of free DLC packages should also begin in the coming weeks. It is unclear to what extent these plans have changed as a result of the hacker attack. “Cyberpunk 2077” is still not available in the Playstation Store: Sony removed the title in December due to its poor technical condition. In addition to bugs and game crashes, the console versions of the action game also plagued low resolutions and unstable frame rates. (there)
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