Crash Arena Turbo Stars Beginners Guide and Tips

Crash Arena Turbo Stars is a PvP online action mobile game where you create your battle machine and fight your opponents till either of your machines gets destroyed. BattleBots has been a sensational dream come true for mecha lovers in the late 2000s. The idea of making weaponized vehicles and battling enemies sounds extremely thrilling. The debut of C.A.T.S. Zeptolab into the mobile gaming industry was revolutionary in terms of game mechanics. Refer to this Crash Arena Turbo Stars Beginners Guide for tips, and tricks to be an expert player in Crash Arena Turbo Stars, go through this article, it will provide a player with basic strategies.

Getting Started

The basic goal of CATS is simple: You need to build a car with a set of combinations of chassis, wheels, weapons, and gadgets. You need to make sure you choose a suitable combination for your car to maintain its proper balance, attack, and health. Each car has a set of properties:

Apart from these, some properties aren’t explicitly stated but do play a big role in deciding the outcome of a match. Some of the properties are: Stability, Push strength, lift strength. The reason these properties aren’t explicitly stated is that these properties can be drastically changed but a tiny modification in your car. Later down you’ll know how these tiny modifications have such a huge impact.

Introducing the Chassis

Each chassis has at least one but three or fewer slots. These slots can be a combination of weapon slots or gadget slots, but there has to be at least one weapon slot. Weapons can only be attached to the weapon slots, and gadgets can only be attached to the gadget slot. Each chassis, as well as weapons and gadgets, have a fixed amount of power, attaching weapons will take up a certain amount of that capacity. In our Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide, we have given a brief of all the possible Chassis and suggestions on the same.

CATS Crash Arena Turbo Chassis  Stars
Chassis in Crash Arena Turbo Stars

The combined power of your weapons and gadgets cannot exceed the power of the chassis. So try to put on the appropriate combination of weapons and gadgets to maximize the output. Some weapons, gadgets, and wheels have additional percentage bonuses for specific chassis. Chassis also sometimes contain percentage bonuses, so try to equip them together for a stat boost. Now let’s classify the chassis types:



Reputed to be one of the most, if not the most stable chassis of all. But its stability and sturdiness come at a price of low health, no 3 slots; making them pretty worse than the others. Its sloped front coupled with wheels of considerable push strength allows it to destabilize enemy cars into the grinder. It’s good for starters but usually not enough to get instant promotion. It is actually pretty effective against newer players but then gets progressively worse. They are unlocked at the beginning of the game.


sneaky Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide

The decent build has the potential of creating various sorts of builds that focus on attack diversion, attacking, or both. Decently stable when you get high wheel placement and far apart wheels. Lower health, but overall pretty good. Sneaky is unlocked at the beginning of the game.



Reputed for its very high health, but unstable and can easily be flipped over, moreover high placement of slots in many titans just render them useless against chassis of lower heights. Ideally, you want all three slots very low on the build, which is rare. They are unlocked from the beginning of the game.


you get a wheel out not physically attached to the surfer in the front. If you have that, it can rarely be flipped with a classic and is pretty lifter-resistant. High health, very stable, and decent placement of slots. Surfer is unlocked from the beginning of the game



Very unstable, low health. But its instability can be used in its favor to make ‘bounce’ builds. Bounce builds are usually the ones with a booster attached at the gadget slot around the top along with blades as weapons. The specialty of this build is that it jumps behind the enemy car and hits with blades. Still very risky and doesn’t guarantee a win often. They are unlocked at the beginning of the game.


pyramid Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide

An okay build. Medium health, medium stability, decent overall. Much better options out there, like sneaky or surfer, but pyramid makes do. They are usually unlocked at prestige 0- stage 10.


Combination of classic and surfer you could say. Super stable, High health, decent slot positions. The whale would undoubtedly be one of the best chassis in the game second to surfers. Whales are unlocked at Prestige 1.


 Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide

Medium-high health, but pretty unstable. Can be knocked over with a repulse most of the time, if you use larger wheels or have bad wheel slots. Only use this if you don’t have any better options. Unlocked at Prestige 1, stage 10.

Mastering your Weapons

Weapons are the only means of dealing damage to enemies and the type of weapon should be used that suits the chassis type and is best accompanied by gadgets that maximize the weapon’s effectiveness. In our Crash Arena Turbo Stars guide, we will be going through all the weapons in detail and provide tips on all of them. The different types of weapons:

CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars
  1. Melee: Deals damage close range upfront
  2. Ranged: Deals damage from far away, often by means of projectiles

Melee Weapons


Blade Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide
The blade has a medium-range, and swings around in circles. The blade spins on its knob and will continue to hit your opponent even if you flip or one of you goes on top of, below, or behind the other.


The stinger is the longest-reaching melee weapon, and like the drill, it gives up some damage for range.


drill Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide
The drill is a medium-range weapon. The drill is very similar to the chainsaw, sacrificing some damage for range.


The shortest-reach weapon is the chainsaw, dealing the highest damage of the 3 stationary drills.

Ranged Weapons


Rocket is given to you as a starter weapon and fires once every second, with average damage, dealing with the full amount of damage shown.


Lazer Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide
Lazer is unlocked upon reaching Stage 5 and fires once every 2.5 seconds. It has a slow reload time compared to other weapons but makes up for it in raw damage. Damage shown in inventory is per second so each laser shot gives 2.5 of that damage. The beam reaches instant across the arena and lasts between 0.5 and 1.0 seconds – having the effect that only a full-beam contact delivers full damage. It is not strategic if your opponent is stronger than you because the Laser has a mediocre charge before firing the laser, giving the opponent a higher success rate; in those cases, use fast-firing weapons instead, like rockets or miniguns.

Double rocket

Double Rocket
Double Rocket is unlocked upon reaching Stage 20 and, like the rocket, fires once every second, but both forward and backward. Damage per second is not halved as a result of firing two rockets but is still reduced. This can be useful if your enemy ends up behind you or if you flip yourself.


Minigun Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide
The Minigun is a ranged weapon that takes a few seconds to get started dealing only a few shots, but revs up and fires quickly doing heavy damage. The first shot reaches the other car before a rocket does. The bullets are very small and thus more sensitive to any car movement, unlike rockets, therefore the car’s line of sight might be aligned with the enemy. A common strategy is to either use a high health build to tank for the maximum damage or to avoid the enemy’s shots using a forklift or lifter. The listed damage per second is considered in 3 shots, so each shot does 1/3 of the listed damage per second. Miniguns are available with Prestige 1.


Shotgun fires a spray of 7 bullets with medium range. It fires once every second, knocking your opponent’s car back and giving your own car a recoil. The range of a shotgun is approximately half the arena – if both opponents don’t move by wheels, none will reach the other by shotgun (at least after the first recoil). The knockback can be used to keep melee weapons away from your own car or to avoid being jumped overdue to boosters. All bullets must hit to deal full damage. The Shotgun is available with Prestige 2.

Molotov Cocktail

Molotov Cocktail
Molotov Cocktail fires every second and deals high damage. It will also leave a fire. Like the flamethrower, the fire burns the opponent. It is only available at Special Events.


Boomerang Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide
Boomerang fires every second, dealing mediocre damage. It is the only auto-aim Championship weapon other than the Death Lamp, and if the projectile goes behind the opponent, it deals 2x damage. Deals very little knockback and pull. Like Molotov, it is only available at special events.

Death lamp

Death Lamp Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide
Death Lamp is a championship weapon that can only be acquired from the shop using gems or real-life money. It is a very short-range weapon that aims by itself, and it has to charge up before it deals damage.

Rotating Rocket

Rotating Rocket
Rotating Rocket is a weapon that can be bought in the store in special deals. Just like the standard Rocket, which deals medium damage at unlimited range, and it has been given the ability to be rotated in the workshop.

Know the Accessories

In our Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide, we will be going through all the necessary accessories, and give you basic tips and tricks on how and where to apply them.


Booster Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide
Propels your vehicle forward. Be careful, as they can cause your battle car to flip upside down, rendering you immobile and vulnerable to attack. The Booster is recommended to place on your battle car if you have a close-melee weapon or gadgets (Blades, Chainsaws, Drills, Stingers, Shotguns, Death lamp, Boomerang, Deep Freeze, Forklift) placed on your battle car. If you place the booster on your vehicle before any other item, it will actually become stronger, whereas if you put it last on your vehicle, it will become slightly weaker (but only about a 1% difference). This is crucial if you want to make a machine that lands on the wall. This mechanic goes for the backpedal as well.


Backpedal Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide
Pushes your battle car backward. It’s not recommended to place these on Titans, there is a chance of tipping them backward. The Backpedal is recommended to place on your battle car if you have a ranged weapon or gadgets (Rockets, Lasers, Double Rockets, Miniguns, First Aid Kit) placed on your battle car.


Blows upon contact with an enemy battle car and pushes them away from you with strong knockback. However, no damage is done.


Constantly rotates as long as your car stands still, lifting any enemy battle car that it can touch. Your opponent may end up being flipped over, giving you the advantage. It has very interesting mechanics because occasionally, a balloon on a vehicle with 2 forklifts would barely do any lifting power. After all, the movement of the vehicle with the forklift is decided partially by the position of the forklift. Also, if you are in mid-air, the forklifts would cause the machine to spin a bit, using the same mechanics. This would explain some of the Best Fights of the Week.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit
After health goes below half, it adds up health amount as in detailed view within 3-4 seconds. Remember, the First Aid Kit does not reanimate just extend if something is left. It will be available with Prestige 3.


Harpoon Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide
Shoots right after the Lifter, pulling the opponent towards you and sticking to the enemy for a few seconds. This can be very useful with melee weapons, as this allows you to destroy the enemy before their ranged weapon kills you.


Shot in the first second, sticks to the opponent’s body, and fills a balloon. This lifts the car for 3-4 seconds. If it lands on the front region, the car will be lifted nose upwards. If it lands in the center region, only a slight “horizontal” lift will appear. Can be destroyed by weapons of the car where it sticks to, the weapon will pass through, but not lasers. (Chainsaw, blade, stinger, and drill destroy immediately if in contact). Available with Prestige 4.


Only available in the shop with gems, real-life money, or the Grand Prix event. Has the same properties as the repulse, but it freezes the opponent for about half a second.


Creates a temporary forcefield for a short amount of time, and it allows all attacks to be deflected off your machine. You can only get this from the Grand Prix event.

Tranquilizer Dart

Tranquilzer Dart
Shoots after the first minigun shot and if it hits the enemy machine, it will give a sleep effect. Weapons, gadgets, and wheels will stop working. Only a few weapons can destroy the dart before it activates: melee weapons (discluding blade), other tranquilizer darts, miniguns, and the boomerang. The dart can miss if: angled too much and if the opponent has anti-gravity wheels equipped.

Activation Times: (Fast to slow)

  1. Harpoon
  2. Tranquilizer dart
  3. Lifter & booster/backpedal.
  4. First-aid kits
  5. Repulses
  6. Forklifts (vary depending what the opponent is)

Toolboxes boost a certain parameter of your spare part depending on the stars the toolbox has, the more the stars, the more points are added. You can obtain a Toolbox by opening Supply Boxes. The more Toolboxes you fuse into the part, the more the fuse costs. Applying toolboxes to parts increases in cost the more toolboxes are applied. The star level for toolboxes also increases the cost but also increases the boost of health and attack.

Attack Toolbox

Attack toolbox
They help in increasing your Attack and therefore can be applied to any Weapon.

Health Toolbox

Health toolbox

The Health Toolbox increases your Health. It can be applied to a Chassis, Wheel, or Gadget. Always use the health toolboxes on wheels or gadgets with a bonus. Never use them on bodies themselves. That way they carry over to other builds and the cost of applying is also lowered.

Power Toolbox

power toolbox

It increases your Power. They can be applied to a Chassis. Power toolboxes will always give 1 energy no matter the star level but will continue to cost more the higher the star level. This may cause players to camp for low leveled power toolboxes. 

Magic Toolbox

magic toolbox

They increase a part’s Magic Bonus. And therefore can be applied to any part. Magic toolboxes will always give a 10% Magic Bonus no matter the star level but will continue to cost more the higher the star level. They are obtainable through rewards from the Ultimate Parts All-Stars events that occur (possibly) every six months.

Don’t make a pile of them. it is always preferable to use them on the stage you are on. Only use the health and attack tool boxes though. Power toolboxes should only be used when you desperately need them.

Quick Fight and Boxes

Quick fights are the most basic battle mode where you are matched with an opponent to battle, with an option to skip to the next opponent. This allows you to choose your opponent. Skipping an opponent costs coins and the amount varies with stage levels. In this Crash Arena Turbo Stars guide, we have provided with some basic tips on how to ace quick fights and what are the uses of the different boxes. Winning 3 quick matches rewards you with a box while winning each match rewards you with 2 or more monkey wrenches (used to open Steevy’s box). Winning quick matches build up streaks, where streaks reaching multiples of 5 gets you a crown on one of the boxes but be aware that losing a match will break your streak. Each box can stack up to 3 crowns. Crowns can increase the star of a weapon or gadgets found from boxes. This is important because it gives you 3 parts in a box with a bonus star. Meaning if you receive a part corresponding to your stage, with a crown, it becomes apart from the next stage

Regular box

These boxes are received after winning quick matches and they give out weapons, gadgets, coins and sometimes gems, monkey wrenches, or league tickets.

Super box

They are like regular boxes but with more items.

Steevy’s box

These can be only opened with monkey wrenches obtained from the quick fights or boxes. There are 3 boxes you can open in a day: The first box costs 50 wrenches, the second costs 100 wrenches, and the third 200 wrenches. The first box gives a 50-50 choosing of an item from an option of two once. The second box gives you the choice twice and the third box gives thrice. Each item might have hidden bonuses which are revealed upon choice.

Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide: Mastering different strategies

Try out different builds in championships and upgrade the build that was the closest to beating all the opponents.

Choosing the Correct Parts

Arguably the most important part of promoting quickly. Every championship is different, with all sorts of different builds. Choosing the right body for the job is really difficult. Although, there are a few universal rules you can follow that can carry you through 2-4 championships.


The most useful trait in a body you should be looking for is 3 Attachment Points. It might be-

  • 2 Weapon Attachment Points and 1 Gadget Attachment Points, Which is the best-case scenario.
  • 2 Gadget Attachment Points and 1 Weapon Attachment Points, Which requires the least amount of power.
  • 3 Weapon Attachment Points, which is the most inefficient in terms of power.

All bodies with these traits are good. But It is recommended to choose a body with a Gadget attachment point at the very front edge and a bit of higher wheel attachment point in the chassis.



It is always preferable to fuse parts on a 5-star body/weapon. But don’t hesitate to fuse parts on a lower-star-rated body/weapon if they follow the traits mentioned earlier. Always try to fuse parts of the same star rating or higher, though it costs more coins.

Keep the fully/partially upgraded part around until you find a better part. Fuse the fully/partially upgraded part to the newer and better part. it gives several levels of upgrade to the new part. Once you find a body that works for you, keep upgrading it to the max while also moving through 3-4 stages.


Weapons, on the other hand, need not be upgraded to the maximum if you receive a better one corresponding to the stage you are on. The maximum level that you can upgrade your parts to depends on the number of stars that the part has. It doesn’t matter what grade it is (wooden, metal, golden, etc.), but the star. Level 1’s max level is 6, and for each extra star, you add five more levels, capping out at 5 stars = level 26.

Selling Parts

You might find the need to sell parts for gold when you’re fusing parts. But only sell the older bodies and weapons. Don’t sell wheels and gadgets. It is always preferable to sell parts from 3 stages ago or older, as the new parts can be used to fuse.

Different builds

There are several commonalities in many of the cars builds players to use, which is not limited to overpowering the opponent: Straight fighting is basically trying to overpower opponents with better parts. There are a ton of different kinds, but there are two major ones that are the most common.

  • Two Double Rockets: Attaching two double rockets to chassis of lower heights. Allows you to beat enemies even if you get flipped over. Strong against almost all non-straight fighting up builds, but weak to lifters and wedge surfers.
  • Shotgun – Minigun – Lifter: Used with a surfer or whale, it is definitely the most common build (once you have unlocked all of the parts). Minigun can be exchanged for rocket or double rocket, it doesn’t really matter. Strong against two Double Rockets, bouncy boulders, and melee builds.
  • Bouncy Boulder: Consisting of two blades and a high booster on a boulder (or sneaky), in order to fly over your opponent. It is a pretty popular build for prestige 0-4, but gets less and less popular as you go up the prestiges. Really good against prestige 0 people, as they only have blades to hit things from behind. Gets completely destroyed if your opponent has a shotgun, or double rockets. Other than those two counters, it’s good against everything else.
  • Wedge Surfer: A surfer with two gadget slots, one in the front and one in the back, both on the top (there are only two places a gadget can be on a surfer, so any surfer with two gadget slots will work for this). Put a booster on the back one and a repulse on the front one. Put a blade on as your weapon, and ideally you’ll be able to get under your opponent, making them unable to hit you, as your blade kills them. Weak to shotgun but works against the majority of builds. Upgrading booster power and repulse strength helps this build out a lot, as with max repulse strength, you can consistently destroy any titan by flipping them over the wall.


Co-pilots give you special skills and abilities to use that allow you to win a battle that you wouldn’t normally win. Each co-pilot has different skill sets, and you can assign one co-pilot to your cars by tapping on the Assign silhouette on the garage and dragging them to the car you want to assign them to. To use their skills, they need to expend 4 energy which is recovered over time.

Each co-pilot has active and passive skills. Passive skills do not need the energy to be activated, but active ones do so make sure you have enough energy before going to battle. You can gain XP after winning each battle with the car that has a co-pilot, these XP will allow you to unlock new skills. You can also gain XP by sending the co-pilots on missions which cost energy as well.

Tips on Missions and Bets

Clicking on the mailbox icon will allow you to switch between missions and bets. Missions are tasks performed by the co-pilot for a certain amount of time, ranging from 30 mins to even 3 hours. Missions expend energies of the co-pilots, but in return, they provide them with XP and other resources upon completion, that allow them to unlock and upgrade new skills. While the co-pilots are in missions, they cannot be used in battle.

Bets are exactly what they sound like, you will be given a chance to gamble at most 3 of your parts on other player’s matches. You get to bet which player will win, and if you win the bet your parts will get a stat boost but if you lose, you’ll lose the parts but can recover them using gems. Don’t bet if you are not certain about a player’s victory. Bets show you how many people have betted on each player, the more bets on a player the less the bonuses awarded for that victory.

CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars

It is advisable to only put the wheels and gadgets in bets. Keep betting on wheels and stack up bonuses on bodies you like. You have no experience in betting, you might lose a lot of parts, therefore play it safe and bet on the matches without unpredictable gadgets (forklift, balloon).

In case you lose a bet, there’s a glitch to use to recover apart if you don’t have enough gems. You can close the game when you are on the “recover” screen and open it again to see that the fight has not happened yet. Now you can gather enough gems, watch the fight and recover the part later.

Championship and Prestige Tips and Tricks

The championship is the only mode you can play in (excluding quick fights or gang fights, which isn’t really a mode, more of a subset of the championship) until you get to stage 15. Here are some quick tips and tricks on how to ace Championship and Prestige mode in our Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide.

When you first start the game or just prestige, you start at stage 1. You are then matched up with fourteen other people. You can fight them with the “fight” button in the bottom right when you have selected the championship. This will then put you in fourteen fights (less if not everyone has joined the championship yet). If you win one fight, you get one medal. At the end of the championship, if you are in the top six (determined by how many medals you have), then you advance to the next stage and get 5 gems, some coins, an ultimate part, and either a super or legendary box. Getting top 7-12 gives you 3 gems and some coins.

CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars

An alternative is getting 14 wins with one car. If you do this, then you instantly move up to the next stage, called an Instant Promotion. If you do this, you get the same rewards as the top 6. 

Prestige is at the end of all the stages, where you keep all your gems and your game resets back to stage one. Coins are reset to 1,000, although any you gain from defending in your championship while you click through the prestige process will be added. You will keep all your boxes, although the level will change from 24 to one. You get a special big prestige sticker for prestige 5 and lower. After prestige 5, you will always get the Prestige 5 sticker.

You also get the reward for your prestige (it depends on what prestige you’re going to). However, you don’t immediately get it; you can get it from boxes now. Prestige is a big part of the game, and you should never stay at stage 24 nowadays.

Tips on Ultimate League and Fights

The Ultimate League is unlocked once you get to prestige 0, stage 15. Ultimate parts are hard to come by and thus you won’t lose them after prestige. You can get these parts in 5 ways:
  • From Gang Boxes (Rank 5+)
  • From promoting (one per promotion)
  • After Prestiging
  • Finishing top 100 in the top players league
  • From the Ultimate League fights

Whenever you first unlock Ultimate Cars (stage 5), you start in the second Ultimate League. In the three days that you are in your league, you try to get as many points as possible. Whoever has enough points (competing against other people and bots) will be promoted to the next league. The higher your league, the more overall points you get, and the better the rewards. However, the fights are usually harder.

Whenever you enter a fight, you have to use up a ticket. These tickets are found in Regular Box, Super Box, Sponsor’s Box. These three boxes are the only ways to get tickets, aside from the occasional special offer. You only get one ticket per box, and you don’t always get one from the Regular Boxes. You can hold a maximum of five tickets (unless a special event is going on).

Whenever you spend one of your tickets to fight, you fight up to 20 bots. You want to beat as many of them as possible, (to get the higher score), but if you lose one you get zero scores. Playing it safe is almost always better than risking it. Below I have some tips for you to lose less often.

Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide: General Fight Strategies

You just have to play smartly, and understand your (and your opponent’s) vehicles. Figure out exactly how many hits it takes to destroy the enemy vehicle. For example, if you have health 50,000 and attack 30,000 and your opponent has health 60,000 and attack 20,000, then you’ll need 2 hits to beat your opponent while your opponent needs 3 hits to beat you.

This depends on the type of weapon too, if you use melee but your opponent has ranged you have a chance of losing. This calculating strategy doesn’t work with flamethrowers because it’s difficult to estimate their ‘hits’. One thing to note is that rocket placement (if you’re using a rocket) can often determine the victor if it takes the same number of rocket hits for both vehicles to die.

CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars
CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars strategies

If this happens, then you have to know which one will hit first. Sneakies hit before Titans which hit before Surfers. Make sure you have multiple builds, your cars should have builds that cover the shortcomings of the other builds. Don’t make three super similar builds, or they’ll all be countered by the same kind of vehicle. A good example of this is a Titan vs a Dragon Mortar. The Mortar will flip the Titan over, rendering it useless. So, if you have a titan as your main build, create a car that will counter the Mortar.

Mastering the City Kings mode

City Kings is a game mode that you can play when you join a gang. Gangs are a group of players with a limit. For a battle to start, 5 gang members have to click the enlist button found on the bottom right corner. Once that happens, the game will pair you up randomly with another real-life gang.

The first step for participating in CK (City Kings) is to set up your three best vehicles by making a machine and then clicking the ‘2’ and ‘3’ buttons found again on the bottom right corner. You will not be able to change these machines until the end of the battle.

When you enter ‘City Kings’ you’ll see the main screen after making 3 vehicles. The score on the very top shows the score between the two gangs. You win by gaining more points than the other gang. The gang with the highest score wins after 24 hours (or if one gang achieves “Instant Victory”) In this Crash Arena Turbo Stars Beginners guide, you’ll find out how to gain those points most effectively, other important skills, and how to use rewards most effectively.

Controlling your Buildings

There are usually 6 buildings to control. Your gang controls a building by taking more than 50% of the spots available in the building. Let’s say that Dock 2 has 11 available spots. You need to take at least 6 spots to ‘control’ the building.
  • Once you control a building, the name will become
  • It doesn’t matter if you control 51% or 100% of the building (more info later)
  • Bigger buildings (more spots) drain more points (more info later)
  • Controlling 2 of the same buildings (Dock 1 + Dock 2) gains double points on those buildings.

How do you take ‘a spot’ to control a building

If you click on a building you have 2 options, ‘Defend or Attack. Most Of the time, you would want to click attack unless you know the opposing gang’s machines are too strong for yours. Once you click on the attack you’ll see all the attackable spots in the building. The ones that show a [P] sign are empty spots, guarded by (usually) weaker bots. If a spot shows the enemy gang’s logo, it is an enemy player’s car that took the spot. Once you beat an empty spot or enemy player you ‘control’ that spot. Controlling a spot means you can not use that vehicle until someone else defeats it, so you can only control 3 spots at a time! Once your car gets defeated, it will take 2 hours to revive and then you can use it again.

Using Scouts

Earning trophies in gang fights give free gang-shared scouts. With a scout, you reveal the enemy’s cars in a chosen building for one hour. This will show the vehicles and their stats, so you can strategically pick cars you know you can beat. Remember the scout disappears, so it is strongly advised to take screenshots of the enemy builds and share them on discord or any social media your gang is using.

It is very important to ask in the chat if you can use a scout or not because they are game-changers in close gang fights and are very hard to get. If your gang has a Discord server, we recommend screenshotting every one of their defending cars and share it on Discord. It’ll help out your gang a lot.

Defending your vehicle

Defending means putting your vehicle in the spot of an already gang-taken spot by using a replace. This is usually used to ‘replace’ the best cars, so they can attack again! It could also be used to replace a very damaged car to make it harder for the enemy gang to take that spot but this is NOT recommended since replacing to free up stronger builds is a lot more effective.

Note: You have a shared limited amount of replaces and scouts for free, but you unlock more ‘free replaces and scouts’ from getting trophies from gang fights. This means that if you use a scout or a replacement, it takes it away from the ENTIRE gang. Gaining these free rewards takes hard-earned trophies so if you do want/need to use them, please tell the specific gang member whom you are replacing, and ask in the chat to use a scout, if even anyone member says go ahead you can use the scout.

Points Calculation

The amount of maximum spots in a building has decided how many points are gained every minute once controlled. Example: Controlling a 20 spot building (11 cars or 15 doesn’t matter, once it’s over 50%), means it will gain you 20 points every minute. If you control another building with the same name (Warehouse 1 + 2), this amount will be 40 points per minute for that building or 80 points per minute for both buildings instead of 20.

Maximising your car’s output

On the main screen on the middle left you to see your 3 cars if you click on the arrow button. The shield icon means it’s guarding a spot, the timer shows when your ‘defeated’ car will revive and no sign means your car is free and can attack again. Here is our guide with some tips and tactics on how to maximize your car’s output in Crash Arena Turbo Stars
  • Attacking enemy players instead of empty spots right after the player has attacked means you can attack a damaged car, so it’s an easy takeout!
  • It’s common to announce if you damaged a car but didn’t win by saying which buildings it is in and it’s position number so another player can finish it off.
  • You should usually go for the buildings with the same name, to drain double points since it is a lot more effective.
  • Taking over 100% instead of 51% of a building doesn’t matter, BUT it makes it harder to compete for the enemy gang (they need to beat your car instead of an easy bot and they can’t make you lose majority as fast).
  • Knowing the enemy/your gang’s main player base timezone (Asian/American/European gang) means you know when players are sleeping/not playing. Taking the lead in buildings when they sleep means they won’t fight back for another 8 hours.
  • With 25 gang members with 3 vehicles each you have 75 potential spots. The more of the 25 players are playing CK (City Kings), the higher chance you have at winning.
That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this The Crash Arena Turbo Stars Beginners Guide for tips! That’s all for today’s Crash Arena Turbo Stars Beginners Guide. Did you find our Crash Arena Turbo Stars Beginners Guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below! For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp groupTelegram Group, or Discord server. Also, follow us on Google News, Instagramand Twitter for quick updates.
CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Beginners Guide and Tips



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