Cowboy C4 and C4 ST: New e-bikes with more power and step-through

The Belgian bicycle manufacturer Cowboy presents its new e-bike in two versions: the Cowboy C4 and C4 ST. For the first time, Cowboy is offering a step-through version of the pedelec with the ST with a low step through. This version is intended for people between 160 and 190 centimeters in height, the C4 should be chosen by cyclists between 170 and 195 centimeters. The minimalist design with hidden brake cables, integrated lights and carbon belt drive is retained. The motor is still in the rear wheel and delivers the maximum permissible rated continuous output of 250 watts, but now creates 50 percent more torque. With one charge of the 2.4 kg battery, which has an output of 360 Wh and 10 Ah, an average of 70 km is possible, according to the manufacturer. The battery can be removed for charging, so the bike does not have to be brought close to a socket. The cowboy charger has an output of 100 watts and should bring the battery from zero to one hundred in three and a half hours.
The app continues to play a central role with the cowboy bikes. The C4 has a built-in Quadlock bracket with wireless Qi charging technology via the e-bike battery. A suitable case for your own smartphone costs 30 euros, provided that Quadlock has the model in its range. On the new start screen, the app provides information about the weather and air quality, expected range and battery charge, as well as previous trips. The company’s own navigation solution with a 3D map view should now display turn-by-turn instructions more clearly and offer the healthiest route depending on the air quality. The cowboy app is available for Android and iOS.
Cowboy C4

(Image: Cowboy)
With a specified weight of 18.9 kg including battery for the Cowboy C4 and 19.2 kg for the ST version, the two pedelecs remain just under the 20 kg mark. Cowboy does not provide any information about the permissible total weight. The colors available are black, khaki and sand.
Cowboy C4 ST

(Image: Cowboy)
Both versions of the Cowboy C4 have the same price, the bikes cost 2490 euros. Matching mudguards are pre-assembled and included in the price. A suitable stand costs 30 euros, a luggage rack costs 100 euros. If you order now, you have to be patient and pay a deposit of 100 euros. The first bikes are expected to reach customers in September. The manufacturer in Germany wants to enable the first test rides – actually a must for such expensive bicycles – from July onwards. (sht)
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