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Today we’re going to check out a complete Code Atma tier list of all the characters so you’ll know exactly who you should add to your team and who you should reroll for. The characters are sorted from best to worst, starting with SS tier, where you will find the absolute best units, and moving down to C tier, where you’ll find the weakest ones. Code Atma is a unique RPG that takes fantastic characters from Southeast Asian folklore and adds a layer of technology and mystery to them. It’s a beautiful game where you are in charge of characters (called Atma) that partake in a war.  Since there are various character ranks, we are not going to rank up the characters below 4*. Therefore, here you will only find heroes that are 4* and above. You shouldn’t bother with the rest of them, since the game offers so many summons that you’ll find it difficult to invest in every single one of them.

All characters sorted from best to worst sorted in our Code Atma tier list

Some of the best heroes in the game will be viable for specific content, such as Tower, while others will be extremely powerful in the story stages. We recommend investing in the heroes that you can use to clear stages first, such as Srikandi, Kresna, and Kandita to name a few since they’ll be your best chance at passing most of the stages. In our tier list, we listed the heroes based on their overall strength – some might be SS tier in campaign mode, while others will be extremely potent in the Lab. Regardless, you cannot go wrong with investing your resources in the top-tier Atma below.  Also read: So without further ado, let’s take a look at the Code Atma tier list of the best characters in-game! Want more? Check out our growing collection of Code Atma articles!



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