Cluster lifecycle management: KubeOne reaches version 1.0

The Hamburg company Kubermatic (formerly Loodse) has announced version 1.0 of KubeOne. It is an open source tool for the lifecycle management of individual Kubernetes clusters and automates the provision and operation of the clusters. KubeOne apparently works in the cloud, in the data center, but also in edge and IoT environments. As highlights, the operators of the project are making features such as cluster alignment with just one command apply, support of static worker nodes for bare metal, IoT and edge environments as well as the free choice of the CRF plug-ins (Container Networking Interface). The KubeOneCluster API now apparently has beta quality and should therefore be more mature and stable. The interface should help to manage a cluster in a clear and clear way and to use all new functions. Users can easily access all manifests with the command kubeone config migrate migrate to the new API. Version 1.0 finally introduces support for Flatcar Container Linux as a replacement for CoreOS. In addition, CentOS 8 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) are now also supported. Further information on the new version can be found in the announcement. For the product itself there is more information on the Kubermatic website and on GitHub. (ane)
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