Clash Royale best meta decks of Season 24

Supercell has already released season 24 of Clash Royale with the huge Summer update. This season’s name is ‘Rumble in the jungle‘. The jungle-themed season focuses on the various types of goblins. Along with the new season, a new meta comes to the game. It happens because of the buffs, nerfs, and reworks of the cards. In this article, we will discuss some of the best meta decks for the latest season 24 in Clash Royale that players can use to get a competitive advantage. In essence, a “meta” in gaming terminology is a generally agreed upon strategy by the community. Said strategy is considered to be the most optimal way to win/ has the best performance at a specific task. Some people have defined meta as an acronym meaning “most effective tactics available”.

Clash Royale best decks for Season 24 (June 2021)

Before we get into the topic, players will have to understand that there is no so called best or ultimate deck in the game. Only thing that matters is the skill and intelligence of the player. A player can outplay a deck filled with legendary cards using a common card deck. Every player should keep these things in their mind.

1. Mother Witch Hogs Fireball deck

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Clash Royale Mother Witch Hogs Fireball deck
This deck is very versatile for both attack and defense with an average elixir cost of 4.3


For offensive plays, players can use Royal Hogs in both lanes. This will create double pressure on the opponent. Players can use the flying machine and the goblin brawler as a support attacking card for good damage. Zappies and mother witch is great for chip damage. Mother witch’s hogs will also support in pushes. Royal recruits will immobilize the opponent’s heat and great for counter-push. Fireball can be used as win condition.


The latest legendary card in the game, the Mother witch is there for the defence. She is great for slowing down the enemy push and a hard counter for the swarm units like Skeleton army, bats, etc. Zappies will slow down the big tanks like Royal Giant, Golem. The fireball will deal area damage to the mini tanks and glass cannons. Goblin cage will attract the opponent’s win condition cards as a defensive building. Flying machine will provide the areal support.

2. Mortar Barrel Zap bait deck

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Clash Royale Mortar Barrel Zap bait deck
This is a bait and counter type deck with an average elixir cost of 3.1


This deck is great for counterattacks. Players can use mortar as the primary win condition. The Goblin Gang is great for baiting the opponent’s zap or log. Fireball is there for secondary win condition and splash damage to the tower. The goblin gang and spear goblins will give good support in the attacks. Musketeer will deal the chip damages to enemy towers. Since it is a bait deck, try to outplay the opponent by wasting their log or zap on something else and then play the skeleton barrel for good damage.


The defence is strong in this deck. The musketeer will take care of the air win conditions like Balloon, Hog Rider. Goblin Gang will kill the big tanks like P.E.K.K.A and Golem. The Log is there to wipe the swarm backup units like Princess and Skeleton Army. The Mortar will attract the win conditions like the Balloon, Golem, etc. The Knight will play a crucial role in defense, it will work as a mini tank to soak the opponent’s support card’s attacks.

3. Mega Knight Graveyard deck

Clash royale best decks, Clash royale best decks Season 24, Clash royale megaknight graveyard deck
Clash Royale Mega Knight Graveyard deck
A balanced and versatile deck, specially made for the double elixir period. It is great for both attack and defence with an average elixir cost of 4.1


The main win condition of this deck is the Graveyard. Play the Barbarian barrel to distract the towers and play the Graveyard. Mega Knight can also be used as a win condition. Goblin brawler is there for good damages. Hunter will deal chip damages.


This is one of the most defensive decks in the meta. Hunter will take out opponent’s tanks like Royal Giant, Balloon, etc. Mega Knight will crush the mini tanks and support units. Poison is there to deal with the swarm units. Electro Wizard will slow down the opponent’s push and can nullify the win conditions like Sparky. The Fisherman will pull the tanks and mini tanks to expose the glass cannons. The Goblin Cage will also attract the opponent’s win conditions as a defensive building.

Final thoughts

With the above guide regarding the best meta decks for Clash Royale season 24 ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, players can certainly win a lot of matches and improve their game. Players can modify the existing decks with other combinations as per their choices and whichever syncs well. For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp groupTelegram Group, or Discord server. Also, follow us on Google NewsInstagram, and Twitter for quick updates.
Clash Royale best meta decks of Season 24



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