Catastrophe! Fake P40 Pro from Wish in the test

This P40 Pro from Wish is a bold China clone that has absolutely nothing to do with the model. Technology junk that can hardly be operated and is contaminated with malware. Most of the technical data is stupid and lies. Fraud, rip-offs and pure waste of resources. Hands off!


  • Catastrophic operating speed
  • Endless malware
  • Ancient OS
  • Most apps are not running
  • Lousy photos
  • Incorrect storage information
  • Incorrect resolution information

Editor’s assessment


D.he Huawei P30 Pro is still the leader in the COMPUTER BILD comparison test. The Huawei P40 Pro is a great smartphone with a handicap: it lacks the Google apps. Under the same name, you can order a P40 Pro, or a fake Galaxy or a dirt cheap fake iPhone from the online China marketplace Wish for around 100 euros. COMPUTER BILD tested a fake P40 Pro.

The best smartphones up to 300 euros

Wish: You’re being cheated on!

The invoice from Wish shows a P40 Pro for 87 euros plus 11 euros shipping. The “fun” costs only 98 euros. After all, there is no mention of Huawei anywhere. But in the designation text “P40 Pro 6.3 Inch Water Drop Screen Fingerprint Unlock Smartphone 8GB Ram + 256GB Rom Android 9.1 MTK6797 10 Core 8.0 MP + 16.0 MP 2Camera 2Sim Wifi Bluetooth GPS 4G Mobile Phone“There are already at least seven bold lies!
P40 Pro and Huawei P30 Lite New Edition © COMPUTER BILD / Michael Huch

Some similarity between the Wish P40 Pro (left) and the Huawei P30 Lite New Edition is quite recognizable.

Wish P40 Pro © COMPUTER BILD / Michael Huch

Do you want to peel off the ugly protective glass? Have fun!

The first impression and display

It’s clear: no real Huawei looks that bulky. With its bold edges, the fake P40 Pro is from the day before yesterday. The back, on the other hand, is still one of the strengths. With five beers from afar, at night and in fog, you could fall for the currently trendy color gradient and mistake the item for more than it is. In contrast to the Rolex, which is also available at Wish, which has been reduced from 61 to 22 euros, the manufacturer of the P40 Pro does at least not use a fake brand name. The scope of delivery includes a micro USB charging cable, headphones and a protective cover. Speaking of protection: The readability of the display is impaired by a poorly applied protective glass, which ensures a fat all-round edge. The attempt to remove this “transport protection” is acknowledged with a crack in the protective pane. The resolution of the 19: 9 display is 1520×720 pixels, so only HD and not Full HD. And of course a dull LCD is used and not a crisp OLED like the one in the real P40 Pro. The presentation of the screen is by no means the biggest weakness.

256 GB storage? Not a trace!

Allegedly there are 256 gigabytes of memory and 8 gigabytes of RAM in the “Android P40 Pro”. The system settings confirm these values. Windows Explorer also allows 256 gigabytes (GB) of memory. In fact, the P40 Pro stops working after about 8 GB of data transfer. More does not fit. A tool reveals that there is actually 11.8 GB of device memory and 1 GB of RAM on board! No trace of 256/8 GB, as the specs promise. A bold lie.

Triple camera? Just a dummy!

There are four lenses on the back. But instead of wide angle, zoom and depth sensor, there is only garbage. The main camera, which is said to have 16 megapixels, takes photos with 1600×1200 pixels, i.e. around 2 megapixels, in the highest setting. The front camera can’t do better. And the rest of the lenses on the back? Everything just a dummy! The phone does make videos, but the quality is incredibly poor in line with the rest of the device.

Snail pace and rumbling operation

Malware horror: pure advertising sling

Even worse than the lousy hardware are the randomly popping-up displays of some fake competitions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re messing around in the settings or watching YouTube videos (which at least works). This phone is infected with malware.
Probably this is the business model: sell inferior hardware under false pretenses as a premium device at a bargain price and cheer people on with a nasty advertising sling. A virus protection program finds less than hoped for, but instead strikes continuously when the browser opens one of the ominous pages out of nowhere.

Conclusion: Wish P40 Pro

Seldom has a conclusion been so clear. Basically there is nothing wrong with cheap hardware at a low price. The problem isn’t just the product name, which is supposed to drive sales through the image that Huawei has built. The brazen product lies and the malware-contaminated software are absolutely unacceptable. You can then no longer argue with the price. This way, no good hair remains on the Wish-P40-Pro. This probably applies to the majority of the fake phones at Wish. Just keep your hands off it! Camera, display, memory, speed … It’s all crap. If you would like to try it out for yourself despite all the warnings: Never enter your real data in your mobile phone – and do not say afterwards that we did not warn you!



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