Canon Maxify GX7050 review: Mega tanks for 20,000 pages

Delivery notes, order confirmations, correspondence: Anyone who has to print, scan and copy a lot in the home office needs a proper multifunction device. Ideally one that goes to work quickly, leaves the church in the village with the printing costs and offers excellent print quality. Canon now wants to have just such a copy with the Maxify GX7050. Can it convince in this practical test?

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Canon Maxify GX7050 in the test: large printer

The Maxify GX7050 is a full-blown printer. It takes up a footprint of around 40×41 centimeters and is a good 30 centimeters high. It gets quite tight with him on many desks – he should therefore be assigned a separate place where he can sit down. Commissioning is child’s play: Maneuver the GX7050 out of the huge box and remove the transport locks.
Canon Maxify GX7050: Review
The Canon Maxify GX7050 needs space: It is 40 centimeters wide, a good 30 centimeters high and a good 40 centimeters deep.

Tanks instead of cartridges

Customers then have to pour the ink supplied in four bottles into the printer’s tanks, because the Maxify GX7050 has no classic ink cartridges. In the bottle with the black ink there are 170 milliliters, in the bottles with the colors cyan, magenta and yellow there are 135 milliliters each.
Canon Maxify GX7050: Review
To fill the ink tanks, users have to open the top cover including the automatic document feeder.
Great: Incorrect filling is hardly possible, as users can only put each bottle head on the right tank – the heads are shaped differently. In addition, the bottles have a drip stop, so nothing can go wrong. If the printer is filled, the user can switch it on. Good: The Maxify can be connected to the PC or notebook either via USB or network connection. And via WLAN, so that tablets or smartphones can also be connected. It’s a shame: the Canon doesn’t have Bluetooth.
Canon Maxify GX7050: Review
Instead of cartridges, there are small bottles: Users fill the contents into the tanks of the Canon Maxify GX7050. The black bottle contains 170 milliliters, the remaining 135 milliliters each.

No card reader

In addition, there is no card reader for direct photo printing from memory cards. The Maxify GX7050 has a USB socket to which external SSDs, USB sticks and cameras can be connected. Photos or documents stored there can be printed out directly without going through a PC or notebook. Practical: Scanned documents or images can also be stored on a USB stick or an external SSD without going through the PC.
Canon Maxify GX7050: Review
Thanks to the USB socket, documents and photos from external SSDs, USB sticks or cameras can be printed out directly on the Canon Maxify GX7050 without going through the computer.

Huge paper supply

Also great: There are two paper cassettes on the front, each holding 250 A4 sheets. At the back there is another feed that can take another 100 sheets. Here users can also place labels, photo paper or envelopes for printing.
Canon Maxify GX7050: Review
The two cassettes on the front of the device hold 250 sheets of paper each.

Duplex printing and duplex scanning

The Canon Maxify GX7050 has a duplex unit. That means he can print on both sides of the paper. Not a matter of course: It is also possible to scan documents that are printed on both sides. That worked perfectly in the test. Handling was child’s play and reliable, for example when the testers wanted to print a document on a certain paper that was stored in one of the feeders.
Canon Maxify GX7050: Review
On the Canon Maxify GX7050, double-sided documents can be automatically scanned with the duplex-capable ADF unit on the top. ADF stands for A.utomatic D.ocument F.eeder, “automatic document feeder”.

High printing speed, good print quality

The Maxify GX7050 works really well. Five A4 pages with colored graphics are ejected after 19 seconds, ten pages of text after 30 seconds and three high-quality 10×15 centimeter photos after 40 seconds. The print quality of the Canon was also convincing, even if the color fidelity could happily turn out to be higher. The Canon, on the other hand, put grayscale on paper very neatly, and the high contrast was also convincing.
Canon Maxify GX7050: Review
Great: The Canon Maxify GX7050 has a touchscreen with a diagonal of 6.9 centimeters for making settings or starting copying processes.

Really fast when scanning and copying

The Canon was also really nimble when it came to scanning. A color A4 page was done in under ten seconds, the preview only took half as long. So it is not surprising that the Canon also makes copies quickly. For a black-and-white copy he needed around ten seconds, for a color copy around 15 seconds. These are really good values!
Canon Maxify GX7050: Review
Simple and understandable: Thanks to the touchscreen and clear menu structure, the Canon Maxify GX7050 can be operated without a doctorate.

Extremely low printing costs

And what are the printing costs? At the time of the test, the price comparison listed the 135 milliliter bottles with colored ink for 25 euros including shipping, the 170 milliliter bottle with black ink cost around 26 euros including shipping. All in all, a set of ink costs 126 euros. Sounds like a lot at first. Canon promises, however, that up to 6,000 A4 pages can be printed with black text and up to 14,000 pages with color graphics. COMPUTER BILD did not carry out a range measurement in this practical test, but considers the information to be realistic. An A4 page with black text would cost 0.4 cents, and an A4 page with colored graphics would cost 0.54 cents. In the end, that means extremely low printing costs. For comparison: With the current test winner among the multifunction printers, the Canon Pixma TS9550, a DIN A4 page with text costs 1.67 cents, a color graphic in the same page format 12.79 cents.
  • High print quality
  • Low printing costs
  • Somewhat high selling price
  • Memory card reader and bluetooth are missing

Canon Maxify GX7050 in the test: conclusion

The Canon Maxify GX7050 is almost perfect for a small office or home office. The printing speed is fast, the print quality is good. The best: Those who really have to put a lot on paper will be happy about the extremely low printing costs. And the equipment is complete with the exception of the lack of Bluetooth and the non-existent memory card reader. The downside: It is anything but cheap – at the time of the test, it costs around 590 euros.



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