Bus Simulator 21 will also be available for PS5 next year

Bus Simulator 21 © Astragon

Original brand vehicles drive through the deep street canyons of America in “Bus Simulator 21”. The game and friends of true simulations have an appointment: 2021! That’s right, it’s rather vague, but the target group can be happy.

F.According to the motto “YOUR BUS. YOUR ROUTE. YOUR SCHEDULE. ??” publisher Astragon Entertainment from Düsseldorf and the Innsbruck developer “Stillalive Studios” are announcing the successor to “Bus Simulator 18.” Not surprisingly, “Bus Simulator 21” will be , will be released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the course of 2021. All the more astonishing: The budding bus drivers also get a driver’s license for the consoles of the next generation, so PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

There are timetables for the “Bus Simulator”

After many competitors like the “Fernbus Simulator”, the top dog is finally coming with his next part. According to the manufacturer, players can expect the most extensive part of the simulation series to date. Thanks to officially licensed and detailed replicas of bus models from manufacturers and brands such as “Alexander Dennis”, “Bus Simulator 21” wants to put the largest and most modern vehicle fleet in series history into the race. For the first time, there are also electric buses in the maintenance hall. And by popular demand, Astragon is now also sending double-deckers into play. The budding entrepreneurs in local transport create timetables on two maps: In addition to a revised version of the European city “Seaside Valley” known from its predecessor (including the associated map expansion), the “Bus Simulator 21” features a new US-American and from the “San Francisco Bay Area “inspired setting called” Angel Shores “ready. And so the routes lead through industrial and peripheral areas, downtown and Chinatown or along waterfront promenades into the surrounding hilly landscapes. In “Bus Simulator 21”, drivers should experience more variety with the freer, open-world approach ?? the only limits are set by the timetable.

And whether, co-op: with multiplayer mode

As in the predecessor, players drive in cooperative multiplayer mode. The aim of the transport-related business combination is a local transport empire. According to the developer, the game’s management systems should offer more freedom as well as new and expanded features and make it possible for the first time to set up detailed timetables for your own bus fleet. If a player prefers to “just” drive instead of worrying about the micromanagement of his dumpster down to the smallest detail, the game offers pure bus drivers the opportunity to have the AI ​​take care of all planning tasks automatically.

The best game consoles

Bus Simulator 21: Also for the PS5

But even without the multiplayer mode you are not alone in the game, because in “Bus Simulator 21” the drivers are supported by Mira Tannhauser, who is known from the predecessors. The virtual tutor Mira not only carefully introduces the players to the world of public transport in her unique and charming way, she also guides them through the numerous exciting missions of the extensive campaigns on the two maps of the game. Various random events and side tasks as well as a sandbox mode in which players can develop completely freely should ensure long-term fun. The “Bus Simulator 21” will be released in 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and, according to the manufacturer, will also be roadworthy for the consoles of the next generation.



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