Burmese Ghouls have disbanded their entire team

Burmese Ghouls, one of the popular teams in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports scenario have officially disbanded their entire MLBB team. The now-disbanded team comprised of RubyDD, Ace, Kid, Maybe, Dee, and was coached by PVNDV. The organization expressed their grievances that they cannot support the team any further due to the many social issues currently taking place in Myanmar. On a lighter note, co-founder ICEICE will continue to keep the social media accounts going, leading the organization forward, and will consistently be interacting with fans online. 

What went wrong for Burmese Ghouls

Things started going wrong when no updates were shared from the Burmese Ghouls to their fans after the global M2 Championship 2021 concluded in January 2021. They gained immense followers on social media since their formation in 2016. With getting over 1 million followers on Facebook alone they were able to build a strong online presence in the MLBB esports scenario. Recently, they promoted a walking protest against the military coup occurring in Myanmar.
Mobile Legends M2 world championship
M2 Championship 2021
With all the uncertainty recently happening in Myanmar, the fans were sad after their official announcement. Moreover, these unfortunate circumstances have ultimately resulted in a separation of the Burmese Ghouls team and their MLBB roster. Despite everything, the fans continue to support Burmese Ghouls and their protests against the mishaps happening in Myanmar.

A Ghoulish legacy comes to end in Mobile Legends

This goes without saying that the prestige and talent that members of Burmese Ghouls exhibited will now not be seen after the disbanding. However, the players will all continue on their esports career with new teams, and keep the flame of the Burmese Ghoul team identity burning. Being runner-ups of the global championship was more than enough to show the world their superiority. The Burmese Ghouls showed up and demolished the fan favorites in the tournament and proved to be an extremely talented and well-coordinated team. It will truly be very painful to never see them perform as Ghouls again. What do you think about the Mobile Legends team of Burmese Ghouls, who have disbanded their entire MLBB roster? Do let us know in the comments! For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp groupTelegram Group, or Discord server. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter and Google News for quick updates.
Mobile Legends: Burmese Ghouls have disbanded their entire team



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