*BREAKING* FIFA 21 Career Mode: New Features Announced – Loan Deals, Position Change, Sim Mode & more

[ad_1] There are a whole host of changes coming to the offline mode as it looks to make its mark in FIFA 21.
If you’re a traditional FIFA player, who likes those old-school offline modes such as Career Mode, then you’re in for a treat! EA have today announced a whole host of details about the changes we can expect to see in the Career Mode section of their upcoming title, and they are very exciting indeed!

FIFA 21 Trailer

Career Mode isn’t one of the main features in the trailer, which was released by EA today. But there are plenty of exciting additions – such as FUT Co-Op – as you can see below.

Interactive Match Sim

Whilst Career Mode didn’t feature heavily in the trailer, EA have revealed some more in-depth information about the changes via their website. READ MORE: What will FIFA 21 look like on PS5? The biggest change that has been confirmed so far is the addition of an interactive match sim option.
liverpool dortmund fifa 21
INTERACTIVE! You will be able to get through your matches quicker than ever before, but can take charge if you see fit!
The early graphics look reminiscent of those classic Football Manager titles. Allowing you to watch the game unfold via a sim but you have the option of jumping in and controlling your team whenever you see fit. Don’t trust the AI to find the back of the net with an injury time penalty? Then take control yourself!

New ways to sign players

It’s a change we’ve been calling for for years. FIFA 21 will finally have the option to turn loan deals permanent! READ MORE: Everything we know about FIFA 21 on PS5 You will now have the option to make a ‘Loan to Buy’ offer. This will allow you to agree on an optional or mandatory future transfer fee during your negotiations. Gone are the days of training up talent for those ‘bigger’ clubs. You can make a loan signing, and know that they will be with you for the long-term!

Position Change!

Now this, this is exciting! For the first time in Career Mode, you will be able to train your players to adapt to a new position through the revamped growth system.
fifa 20 shapeshifters team 2 ronaldo ribery alaba 2
Shapeshifters! The Shapeshifter campaign was a fan favourite in FUT this year. And now you’ll be able to shapeshift in FIFA 21!
Fancy having Trent playing as a RW? Or maybe you think Rodri would do a job at CB? Well you’ll be able to try those out in FIFA 21’s Career Mode! READ MORE: Everything we know about FIFA 21’s Editions



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