Botworld Adventure is a new RPG game from the makers of Rodeo Stampede

Botworld Adventure is an upcoming open-world RPG game from the developers of the popular game Rodeo Stampede. The Australia-based indie studio Featherweight Games has currently made its game available on the Google Play Store as a part of its early access for Android users.
The theme of the game is about the epic journey of a young hero who dreams to catch all the bots in the mystical universe of Botworld. He starts with a small bunch of bots gifted by his parents and sets from his home to collect them. His travel and adventure across the various landscapes of the bot world form the remaining crux of the game. 

Botworld Adventure: Map and Gameplay

The gameplay of Botworld Adventure is very much similar to the Pokémon available on the Nintendo platform. The game is all about collecting the different types of bots or robots spread across its universe by battling against them. The gameplay revolves around us deploying small bots with different abilities to fight against the other bots and capturing them ultimately.
Botworld Adventure map
Botworld Adventure: Map and Gameplay
The ability to win a particular battle lies in the hands of the player to strategically place his bots on the battlefield. In addition, to the bots placed in the battle arena players can also use other bonus abilities from their Botpack to give them an upper hand in the fight. Once you have defeated a particular type of bot, it can then be added to your inventory. These bots then become a part of your team and can be used to capture further enemies.

Botworld Adventure: Features and Customizations

Your favourite bots can be further upgraded and customized using the scrap system available inside the game. The higher a bot is upgraded, the better it performs against other enemies in a battle. There are currently more than 10 different locations and 30 unique types of bots in the game.
Botworld Adventure in-game features and customization
Botworld Adventure: in-game features

Botworld Adventure release and further updates

The game is currently at its early access stage, details regarding the release and iOS version will be updated once official announcements from the developers are made.
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