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8 Escaping the museum

  • We’re almost there now – get the Barrel Robotic guide up on the pc within the Storage Room, after which swap the node with the F4RT robotic that is chasing the rat
  • Have Joey interface with the port of the barrel robotic, and he’ll want extra data
  • Swap the Barrel Robotic guide node from F4RT to the Holographic desk, and have Joey examine it
  • As soon as that is all achieved you can use the barrel robotic, simply use the crowbar on the barrel to open it and get inside
  • As soon as outdoors you will be ambushed by Mentor Alonso once more, and then you definitely’ll lastly have the ability to go away the museum
Subsequent cease is definitely looking down Leet, and hopefully getting a lead on the whereabouts of Milo, and extra.



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