Beware of mail from the Far East: mysterious packages may be dangerous

Es sounds absurd, but it is true: people in Europe and North America receive letters and packages from strangers from China and Singapore. Odd: the recipients have not ordered goods from Alibaba, Amazon or any other marketplace. One of the mysterious packages ended up in the inbox Network world. The content is as mysterious as the package: it is a small plastic bag from Singapore with unspecified plant seeds.

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Parcel deliveries around the world

Also CNN reports of mysterious deliveries of semen ?? not from Singapore, but from China, which end up in US mailboxes. The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services warns against planting the seeds. The agency said it could be invasive species that could displace or destroy native plants and damage insects and crops. Ministries in Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, South Carolina and Washington issue similar warnings. On the other side of the Atlantic, no one knows who the sender of these parcels is, why he sends them and whether the plant seeds are harmful.

Are plant seeds just the beginning?

The mystery makes the Twitter user perfect “dustinthewind“who received a package from China. The sender gave him a golf ball instead of seeds. Why, why, why nobody knows. He has not ordered a golf ball from China, chirps dustinthewind to his Twitter community. After all, it cannot endanger the local flora A theory says that the “gift campaign” is a falsification of ratings. “Brushing” is the name of the practice to give themselves good ratings. There is as yet no warning from German or European authorities about post from the Far East.



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