Best decks for mini collection challenge

Supercell has already announced season 19 for Clash Royale. The season’s name is the ‘Frozen peak‘. From the name of the theme, we can guess that this season will be snowy. Particularly, this season focusses on the wizards. Along with the new season, the Clash Royale mini-deck challenge is also here. In this challenge, players will have to make their decks with the given cards pool. In this article, we will discuss some of the best decks that you can use for mini collection challenge in Clash Royale.
Mini Collection

Rules and Rewards of the challenge

Rules of this event is quite normal like other challenges. Players will make their decks with provided cards, three losses and they are eliminated but they will have the chance to reset and play again with gems. The complete list of the rules is given below-
Clash Royale best decks for mini collection challenge
Rules of the mini collection challenge- Clash Royale
The rewards are also great in this challenge, primary rewards are coins and 25 regular wizards and the final reward is 1 Electro Wizard.
Rewards table of mini collection challenge- Clash Royale

Best Clash Royale decks for mini collection challenge

These decks aren’t exactly the meta decks but the ones which will perform irrespective of the meta conditions and will give players an upper hand. So you’re free to pick any from the decks suggested below. Since all the cards are not available so we will have to tweak things a little.

1. Royal hogs-zap-machine combo

Clash Royale best decks for mini collection challenge
This deck is very versatile both for attack and defence. Average elixir cost- 4.1


Since there is no fireball in this challenge, royal hogs and the flying machine will run riot in the offence. Royal recruits will immobilize the opponent’s heat and great for counter-push. Giant snowball will take care of the swarms.


The latest legendary card in the game, the Mother witch is there for the defence. She is great for slowing down the enemy push and a hard counter for the swarm units like Skeleton army, bats, etc. The poison is there for the mini tanks and zappies will counter the big tanks like Royal Giant, Golem. Tombstone will attract the opponent’s win condition cards as a defensive building.

2. Royal-Barrel Gang-Baby Tesla

Clash Royale best decks for mini collection challenge
This is a spam-bait type deck with an average elixir cost of 3.8


This is a spam-bait deck, Goblin barrel and rocket is the main win condition card for this deck. Musketeer and Baby dragon will deal the chip damages to enemy towers. Since it is a bait deck too, try to outplay the opponent by wasting their log on something else and then play the barrel for good damage.


The defence is strong in this deck. Baby dragon and musketeers will take care of the air win conditions like balloon, mini p.e.k.k.a, hog rider. Goblin gang will kill the big tanks like P.E.K.K.A and golem. Arrows are there to wipe the swarm backup units like firecracker and skeleton army. The hidden tesla will attract the win conditions like balloon, golem and the royal delivery will deal massive area damage to wipe the small units.

3. Royal Hogs-Quake-machine combo

Clash Royale best decks for mini collection challenge
A balanced and versatile deck, specially made for the double elixir period. Its is great for both attack and defence with an average elixir cost of 3.5


Royal hogs, one of the best win conditions for this challenge along with earthquake spell for the defensive buildings will definitely give hard times to the opponents. Flying machine will defend and counter attack for the chip damages.


The defence of this deck will be sweet. Hidden tesla will attract opponent’s win conditions and zappies, archers, bats and flying machine to bring them down. The synergy will be great. Royal delivery will deal area damage to clean up the half health cards and defensive earthquake to slow down the opponent’s push.

Final thoughts

With the above guide regarding the best decks for Clash Royale mini collection challenge, you can certainly win a lot of matches and improve your game. You can modify the existing decks with other combinations as per your choice and whichever syncs well.
What is your opinion on the Clash Royale: 3 best decks for mini collection challenge? Do you want to use any of the above-mentioned decks? Mention it in the comment section below! For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp groupTelegram Group, or Discord server. Also, follow us on InstagramTwitter, and Google News for quick updates.



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