Apple TV artwork arrives for free with Enplug app

Apple TV includes a nice variety of gorgeous screensavers but what about if you want to display more traditional artwork on your TV or another display? Today, Enplug is launching a free new service that brings the work of thousands of artists to your home or business. Using a TV as a digital canvas for artwork when not in use has become popular over the past years. Samsung has even created a successful product line out of the feature with The Frame TV series. Now digital signage software company Enplug is looking to bring that functionality to its paying customers as well as making it free to the public with Enplug Art. The company detailed the launch in a press release today:
Enplug, a leading cloud-based digital signage software provider, today announced Enplug Art – an initiative to collaborate with contemporary artists and some of the world’s most notable museums to bring more than 1,000 works of contemporary and classic art to Internet-connected displays and TVs. This is the first initiative of its kind to bring professionally curated classic and contemporary art into established AV networks in corporate and academic settings, as well as Smart TVs in the home.
In addition to compatibility with Apple TV, Enplug Art works with Roku, Amazon Fire, Nvidia Shield, and some modern smart TVs directly. Features include:
  • Make a curated playlist of your favorite art pieces
  • Set how long artwork is displayed on screen
  • Choose a frame color to enhance artwork
  • Classic artwork as well as exclusive contemporary art partnerships to help people discover new artists making a name for themselves in LA and NYC’s hottest galleries
Instead of downloading an app directly, getting Enplug Art going on your TV or set-top box like Apple TV works through a web-based process. You can sign up for a free Enplug Art account on the company’s website here to get started now.

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