Anker Nebula Cosmos in the test: bright projector with weaknesses

Anker Nebula Cosmos in the test: The compact projector was able to score with good equipment, but also showed clear colors

Anker Nebula Cosmos in the test: The compact projector scored well with good equipment, but also showed clear weaknesses.

The Nebula Cosmos looks good, and the LED projector also comes up with promising data, such as full HD resolution and good brightness. There is also useful equipment with two HDMI inputs and an Android operating system. Why there is no Netflix app is a mystery. Above all, however, the projector fades colors very strongly and reproduces them in an exaggerated manner. Unfortunately, the menu does not offer any useful correction options. Too bad.


  • Good equipment
  • Decent tone


  • Bad colors
  • No Netflix app
  • Autofocus adjusts over time
HSet it up, wire it up and you’re ready to go: The Nebula Cosmos is actually an extremely uncomplicated video projector. It contains everything that is required for the film and sports spa, so that there is no need for cumbersome cabling. At 29×20 centimeters, it fits on a DIN A4 sheet of paper, and at 9 centimeters high, it can also be easily stowed in the cupboard. Its oval housing looks superbly processed, a pleasant contrast to the usual projectors in the fan heater look.

Home cinema projectors – the best video projectors

Anker Nebula Cosmos in the test: easy handling

The compact Nebula Cosmos looks good on the coffee table, for example, but the placement needs to be carefully considered. Because the projector does not have a zoom lens, the image size can only be varied via the distance to the wall. And it shouldn’t be too small. A 2 meter wide image (225 cm or almost 90 inches diagonal) results from a 2.23 meter projection distance. The picture does not land on the wall 10 centimeters above the projection surface, so the cosmos is not in good hands on the floor. If the projector is tilted upwards, it will automatically straighten the image using keystone correction. However, this costs image sharpness.
One of the two HDMI inputs

One of the two HDMI inputs on the Nebula Cosmos is also the audio output (HDMI CEC), and on the far left is the connection for a power supply such as a notebook.

The projector runs on Android without Netflix

Nebula Cosmos: The Anker subsidiary's video projector in the test Thanks to Android TV 9, the Nebula Cosmos offers a great

Thanks to Android TV 9, the Nebula Cosmos offers a large selection of apps, but the Netflix app was not available.

LEDs for bright images and a long service life

The Nebula Cosmos uses LEDs as a projection light source; in contrast to conventional lamps, they last almost forever with typically 20,000 operating hours. The projector achieved a maximum brightness of 690 lumens for this price and size class, an excellent value. The room should, however, be completely darkened if possible. Because the picture cannot get any blacker than the unlit wall, so every bit of residual light diminishes the contrast. The Full HD resolution with 1920×1080 pixels is typical for this class of device. The UHD resolution (3840×2160) that is now common on televisions is only available at four-digit prices for projectors.

Wrong colors and loud fans

Test result Anker Nebula Cosmos

The Nebula Cosmos looks good, comes up with promising data and useful features. But it lacks fine-tuning: it showed colors clearly falsified in the test and the background noise was annoying. But it is very expensive at around 700 euros.



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