Amazon app stutters: How to fix problems with shopping


Amazon app stutters

The iPhone version of the Amazon shopping app is particularly affected by the problems.
When the Amazon app jerks, online shopping on the mobile phone turns into a puzzle. COMPUTER BILD shows how to fix the problem.
It is an annoying classic in online shopping: If you use the smartphone app from Amazon for this, you may slow down extreme delays and nasty jerking when scrolling through the offer. A relaxed product choice is hardly possible. The iPhone version of the app is particularly affected. COMPUTER BILD reveals what to do when the Amazon app jerks.

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Amazon app stutters: reinstallation helps

If your Amazon app is jerky, you are not alone. Corresponding ratings in the App Store and annoyed hints in the Amazon forum. After all, the solution is particularly simple and downright banal: As a rule, uninstalling and reinstalling the app helps to eliminate typical problems. This is how it works with the iPhone, for example:
  1. Press and hold the app icon Amazon.
  2. In the drop-down list, tap Remove app, on Delete the app and Extinguish.
  3. Open the App Store at your fingertips.
  4. After a tap on Seek tap Amazon one and choose Seek.
  5. Next to the Amazon app with the brown icon, tap the small cloud.
  6. After a tap on Open the app should run again.
Amazon Shopping for Android

Use the Amazon website

If this does not solve the problem, work around it in the browser. First uninstall the Amazon app so that the browser does not immediately pass the Amazon website through to the installed app. Then download in the browser of the mobile phone, click on in the top right corner Register and log into your Amazon account. Then you can continue your shopping trip in a relaxed manner.



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