Aligning the satellite dish: tips & tricks for top reception

Aligning the satellite dish: Tips and tricks for top reception So you have everything under control: COMPUTER BILD shows you how to align your satellite dish.  © Alberto Masnovo - Fotolia

So you have everything under control: COMPUTER BILD shows you how to align your satellite dish.

D.Digital cable television is represented in around 45 percent of all German households. And yet the satellite connection is still a long way from being old. With an almost identical proportion, the bowl on the roof is undisputedly a popular source of reception for many. No wonder: the costs are low, the selection of programs is large and many channels are now even available in HD quality. The only obstacle: If you align the bowl incorrectly, the cozy evening TV will fall into the water and confused noise determines the program instead. COMPUTER BILD gives tips on how to align a satellite dish.

Aligning the satellite dish: good to know

  • The right place: The place of installation is decisive for an interference-free picture. Therefore, point the bowl towards the south with a clear view.
  • Pitfall for tenants: If you live in a rented apartment, you need the consent of the owner for installation. Often times, installing a satellite dish is discussed in the rental agreement.
  • Important accessories: A low-noise block (LNB) is also required for reception and a coaxial cable for signal transmission.

Aligning the satellite dish: the right place

Find a suitable place to set up the satellite dish: the view to the south should definitely be clear. Trees, bushes or houses obstruct the reception. The following rule of thumb applies here: the obstacle may only be about half as high as it is away. A house ten meters away must therefore not exceed five meters if you set up the satellite dish near the ground in front of it. In addition, it is advisable to attach the bowl to the wall of the house if possible: Installation is nowhere near as dangerous as it is on the roof of the house, and you can better free the receiver of dirt and snow. Attention, be sure to note: If you have your own house, installation, whether on the roof or on the wall, is not a problem. If you live for rent, however, you must first ask the owner for permission.

10 steps

How to install a satellite antenna

Aligning the satellite dish: important accessories

The pros and cons of satellite television

Advantage: price-performance ratio

You can receive numerous German-language channels via satellite without registration and without a monthly fee. You only pay the purchase fee for the satellite dish and a receiver, if your television does not already have one built in.

Advantage: HD channels via satellite too

In contrast to aerial television (DVB-T), you can receive channels in HD quality via the dish. Public channels like ARD are even unencrypted, for private channels you need the pay TV package ?? HD + ?? (almost 60 euros a year).

Advantage: more channels

You can usually only receive foreign channels via cable for an additional fee? some of them are unencrypted via satellite. The variety of channels is greater. The bowl also brings radio programs into the living room.

Disadvantage: prone to failure

In bad weather there is a risk of picture disturbances or even the complete failure of the TV program.

Disadvantage: not for everyone

Not everyone is allowed to attach a satellite dish ?? some landlords have a problem with the bowl on the house.

Disadvantage: complex installation

Installing the satellite dish on the roof or on the house facade is a lot more complex than distributing a cable signal in the house. If you want to watch TV in several rooms, you have to run a cable from the distributor on the satellite dish to each TV or receiver.

Attach the satellite dish correctly

First mount the satellite antenna vertically ?? so that the surface shows to the side ?? on the bracket. For many models, this roughly corresponds to the appropriate angle of inclination. Satellite receivers have a display for the reception quality in the screen menu. With the help of this display you can then align the satellite antenna exactly ?? However, you need a TV set within sight to display the on-screen menu. When aligning the satellite dish, two setting values ​​play an important role: the azimuth as the horizontal direction of rotation of the antenna and the elevation as its angle of inclination.

47 channels

High definition television

Satellite finder or app for alignment




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