Aldi vacuum cleaner Medion MD 18418: test, price, specs, release

Medion MD 18418 in front of the living room table © Medion, Aldi, Quiig, Easy Home

A combination vacuum cleaner that wants to clean reliably everywhere! The test clarifies whether the new Aldi cleaning aid MD 18418 succeeds.

With the bargain vacuum cleaner at Aldi, no cleaning miracle is waiting for you. It vacuums properly on hard floors, but has a hard time on carpets and upholstered furniture. The combined use as a floor and hand vacuum cleaner is appealing, although the stronger suction mode cannot be switched on on the latter. The bottom line is that the device is more suitable as a secondary vacuum cleaner for allotment gardens, holiday apartments or basements and less for large living areas or the entire house. The MD 18418 will be available from August 24, 2020 for just under 50 euros in the branches and online from Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd.


  • Cheap price
  • Can be used as a floor or hand vacuum cleaner


  • Lots of plastic, not very high quality
  • Only one suction mode on the handheld device

Editor’s assessment


D.he brand “Medion” is known for its Aldi technology offers, but the discounter also sells electrical household appliances under the names “Quigg” (Aldi Nord) and “Easy Home” (Aldi Süd). A fresh addition: the cordless 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner Medion MD 18418, which will be available from Aldi Nord und Süd on August 24, 2020 – and at a top price! COMPUTER BILD reveals what is available for less than 50 euros in a practical test. If you’d rather wipe through smart, go for it Mopping robot Medion MD 18999 – also available from Aldi.

The best robot vacuum cleaners

The MD 18418 comes as a combination device

At first glance, the new Aldi vacuum cleaner looks like a product from teleshopping: a lot of plastic, everything is not particularly high quality, and a somewhat wobbly charging station. But that’s okay for the price. On top of that, the cordless vacuum cleaner has nice extras ready: The heart of the device can be removed and used as a hand-held vacuum cleaner – during operation. On request, one of the two attached attachments, nozzle or brush, with which you can clean the couch, car or cracks, docks at the front. And: the long handle can be folded down. This allows you to reach hard-to-reach places or save space when storing it in the closet.

Medion vacuum cleaner: Not always strong in the test

In terms of suction power, the bargain device does an acceptable job. Dust and coarse dirt are quickly vacuumed up on PVC floors and parquet. To plow the carpet or bath mat, increase the suction power at the push of a button. Nevertheless: The 90 watt motor often stumbles here and it takes a while before the cleaning result is right. This is at the expense of the battery life: the manufacturer states that it is up to 38 minutes, but in the test the vacuum cleaner only lasted 20 minutes per suction mode; Then at least four hours of loading-related cleaning break were announced.

Light and shadow during operation

The device sits comfortably in the hand for both floor cleaning and manual operation. The testers did not complain of tired arms even during longer cleaning operations. The LEDs on the floor nozzle provided a little light in dark corners. The small dust container (0.5 liter capacity) was quickly full during the test, but just as quickly emptied. The testers liked to use the hand-held vacuum cleaner to clean the sofa, car or cracks, but were surprised at one quirk: the often required stronger suction mode could only be switched on on the cylinder vacuum cleaner – and was retained when the hand-held device was removed. However, if you go off with the handset switched off, for example to vacuum the vehicle, only the weaker mode can be switched on. Suck powerfully? Nothing!

2-in-1 vacuum cleaner at Aldi: test result and price




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