Aldi Süd & Aldi Nord: prospectus deals in check

Aldi (AlbreakTueskont) has developed from an inexpensive food market to a discounter for technology & Co. The family company, which is divided into Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd, advertises electrical and household appliances every week. But are they really cheap? COMPUTER BILD compares the prices of the offers with those of similar devices from the Internet trade. If you are interested in buying, consider: some of the discounter’s products are sold out quickly, especially the regularly updated Aldi PC and the Aldi notebooks are very popular. The availability can be checked in the branches on site. The overview “Current technology offers at Aldi“shows the deals from the prospectus, each with the first day of sale behind the item name and a preview of offers for the coming week.

Aldi North and South: Oral-B Professional Care 700 Black

Oral-B Professional Care 700 Black © Aldi

You can get the Oral-B Professional Care 700 Black particularly cheaply from Aldi.

Brush your teeth after every meal ?? even if it is exhausting. An electric toothbrush does most of the work. At Aldi North and South you can get the Oral-B Professional Care 700 Black for only 27.15 euros. This is a whopping 8 euros cheaper than the competition on the net offers the toothbrush. The Oral-B Professional Care 700 Black uses a pressure control to check whether you are pressing the toothbrush too firmly. A timer function tells you how long you need to clean.

Aldi Nord: FlixTrain and Bus voucher cards

Aldi Nord sends you through Germany and Europe. The discounter sells one-way trips with the green Flix buses and trains for only 9.99 euros. The offer for journeys without connecting flights is valid from August 10, 2020 to August 9, 2021. However, the booking must be made online and only one ticket code can be redeemed per booking. The offer is only valid for people who are 14 years or older. Unfortunately you can only travel with FlixTrain within Germany, but by bus throughout Europe. Resale of the tickets is prohibited, cancellation of the booking is excluded.

Aldi Nord: Rollei DashCam 402

As of July 30, Aldi will sell the Rollei DashCam-402 for 58.19 euros. That is about 12 euros cheaper than the competition in the price comparison. The camera films in full HD resolution at 30 frames per second. The color display measures a screen size of 5.08 centimeters. The built-in GPS module records the exact vehicle position. Normal video recording starts when you turn it on. The emergency admission starts with a G-sensor or by pressing the emergency button.

Moderate deals from the Aldi prospectus

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Aldi bargains for the kitchen

»Overview: Aldi-Talk tariffs – more LTE data volume for the same price!

Aldi mobile phone tariffs for bargain hunters

Anyone looking for a cheap smartphone tariff will sooner or later come across Aldi Talk. Useful options, quick availability of SIM cards in every branch and regular tariff adjustments are interesting for people who are looking for an uncomplicated prepaid tariff. COMPUTER BILD shows the Aldi-Talk tariffs at a glance!



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