Aldi competition on WhatsApp? You need to know THAT now

[ad_1] birthday present from Aldi ?? that sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Therefore, the temptation is great to take part in an alleged competition of the discounter. The reason for the action is the alleged 60th birthday of Aldi. ?? If you receive a WhatsApp message about the Aldi competition: Under no circumstances click on the link embedded there! Also, do not forward the message, but please delete it immediately! Because behind this action is a nasty data collector from the Far East.

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Fake competition comes from Singapore

As the Mimikama security portal communicates, the link initially leads to the alleged profit. This can be a Samsung smartphone or a cash amount. If you click further, you will be asked to enter your address data. The small print also reveals the data collector: It is the company Pelema PTE Ltd. based in Singapore. But is Aldi really commissioning a company on the other end of the world with a competition? Of course not ?? the whole thing is fake to steal your data for spam.

Aldi warns of similar actions

By the way: The alleged WhatsApp competition is not the only scam with which data thieves are currently sailing under the false flag. Aldi itself warns before emails and phone calls advertising competitions. The discounter explains: ?? We have no connection with these competitions. ??



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