Abby Dowse: Curve star from Down Under shows everything

Pplump breasts in tight bikinis? Are currently not to be found in this country even in the most revealing places. No wonder, in addition to the numerous corona restrictions, the dreary autumn weather with cold and wet temperatures ensures that most people’s swimwear stays in the drawer these days. It looks completely different in Australia. There one is currently moving towards the high summer, which lasts from December to February, and is looking forward to the pleasant sunshine at the swimming pool at home. Need proof? The up-and-coming Instagram star provides them Abby Dowse abound on their channel.

Breasts in all situations

There is one bikini photo after the next, whereby the tiny scraps of fabric are not the primary eye-catcher in Dowsen’s pictures. Much more, the tiny tops and tightly cut panties serve to appease Instagram’s moral guards. The real qualities of the 31-year-old Australian lie in the lascivious staging of her breasts, which are filled with silicone to the point of bursting. She holds it almost every day, adorned with the most varied of nipple covers, quite unabashedly in the camera and thus walks the paths of successful Instgram nudes such as Julia Rose, Viking Barby and Emily Knight. With 2.5 million followers, however, it ranks a long way behind these network stars.

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Fans rave about its abnormal beauty

That is likely to change sooner or later, because she is following the same recipe for success. Apparently, the young woman knows no taboos. As so often, Instagram’s youth protection regulations set the limit of what is feasible. Dowse often skilfully circumvents this by presenting herself in transparent underwear and thus leaving nothing to the imagination of her fans despite her clothing. They thank you with likes in the five-digit range and expressions of affection on the assembly line. One of them states with admiration: “It’s just not normal to be so incredibly beautiful”. He hits the nail on the head. Oversized rubber dinghy lips and vertical atomic bombs are actually only available with the help of a cosmetic surgeon.



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