A Brief Guide on Sports Betting for Beginners

After the impressive rise of online betting and its long-hoped-for migration from the shadows to the mainstream, the industry has opened its gates to millions of newcomers. Nowadays, sports betting is seen as a simple yet fun way to relax and earn profit. It is a giant playground with an overwhelming number of opportunities.

However, an incredible abundance of diverse bets may seem confusing. Which option will help you earn money?  

Different Types of Bets

Although different sites may offer specific bets, basic options remain the same. A standard set of options, which can be found at any of the largest betting sites, such as ggonline.bet, consists of the following:


Undeniably, it is all about the most basic choice one can imagine: win or lose. You have to predict the winner. If they win, you win. If they lose, you lose.

A timeless classic, this bet retains its popularity not only thanks to its simplicity but also because of the large payoffs, which await those who correctly predict the underdog’s victory. While betting companies are never in favor of high rates when it comes to obvious leaders, winning multipliers of low-performing contestants are always high.

Point Spread

A slightly more complicated version of the previous option, this choice allows gamblers to win by predicting a winning/losing margin. One can easily make a distinction: the minus sign designates a potential winner, while the plus sign is for the most probable loser.

  • The -5.5 spread means that the winner must leave their opponents behind by at least 6 points.
  • The +5.5 spread means that the underdog must win the game or at least lose it by fewer than 5.5 points.

Although available for almost all sports, as can be seen at GGBet, this type manifests itself in full force in high-scoring competitions, such as basketball or boxing. Since it requires a deep understanding of the competitors’ capabilities and strategies, it is recommended for experienced spectators.

Total Betting

Also often called the Over/Under Bets, these options allow gamblers to win by predicting a total of all scored points — both teams included. If the total score is lower than the set margin, the Under Bet wins. If both teams work hard and score more, surmounting the margin, the Over Bet wins.


This option represents a summary of winning wagers (frequently referred to as “legs”). Gamblers win only when all their legs are winning — even one lost leg means the entire parlay bet is losing.

This restriction may seem unnecessarily severe: it is already difficult enough to predict one win, why force players to lose by trying to select several winning positions in a row? The trick is in its multipliers: one may lose quite a few small bets with peace of mind, knowing that one win is more than enough to cover them all and bring profit.


Unlike options that revolve around scores and totals, this option is more about the probability of a certain event, which may happen during the game. For instance, one can predict whether the player will hit a home run, throw a ball for more than a certain amount of yards, or hit a record. As for the game-centered props, they tend to be about which team scores a certain amount first.

Props are most suited for dedicated fans of certain teams and players: attentive spectators who know the history of their favorites, and their strong and weak sides, have higher chances to guess the probability of such events.

Future Bets

Unlike previous examples associated with singular games or even events, these options are all about predicting winners and total scores of big championships. In addition, gambling sites often combine them with props, allowing enthusiasts to earn more by guessing average scores per game and so on.

Live Bets

Arguably, the most exciting type of betting, this option takes place after the game starts. For obvious reasons, this type has never been truly popular among betting providers until the era of online betting. The very essence of games is in their unpredictability. Once the competition starts, the odds may drastically change mere seconds after the whistle blows.

However, online betting at GG Bet and similar betting giants makes it possible to bet on sports even when the fight is in full swing. However, the odds change following the changes on the field. This means that one cannot expect to find the same rates favoring the leader if the said leader is falling behind.

In Conclusion

The described choices dictate optimal strategies. Those who are good at analyzing team performance should focus on spreads. Players with considerable experience in predicting the pace should favor Moneyline bets and spreads, whereas risky gamblers may try their luck with props.



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