6 Excellent Vape Kits & Bundles for Beginners to Try in 2022

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It is very much overwhelming when you have to choose between one of the many available vaping kits on the market. You can buy a reputed vaping device, but somehow that device does not suit you. Then your belief would be broken about vaping devices. So this is why before trying out any new vape device or bundle, you should always do your own research regarding the same. There are many walkthroughs and tutorials where you can learn about the basics of vaping, but experienced vapers know that for an excellent vaping experience, the device’s capability and the best strains of weed is also equally important.

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Here Are The Four Types of Vaping Kits:

  1. Pod Systems: Vaping pen type pods are easy and compact devices to use. It has a small container (pod) and a small battery that can be used to vape. The pod can either come pre-filed or refillable by the user.
  1. All in one vape devices: These kinds of devices contain everything that you may need to get started in the world of vaping. They have no separate pod or tank, and the e-liquid is simply being filled into the top of the device itself.
  1. Pen Style Devices: These devices are shaped like a pen and can be easily fitted in hand. You can easily carry them around discretely and enjoy vaping on the go too.
  1. Mod Vaping Kits: Mods are usually more extensive, more powerful vaping kits. They are often found with a box design, and they also come with a separate tank.

So many different types of vaping kits can confuse you and add in the factor that you can buy these vaping devices online, too, i.e. without actually seeing one before buying. So doing solid research about vaping kits before buying becomes difficult at times. This is why today we are here to discuss about some of the best vaping kits and bundles available in the market:

  1. Aspire Vilter: The Aspire Vilter uses a soft filter that looks and also feels just like a cigarette. In case you are a cigarette smoker and wish to quit smoking, then this vaping device will feel just the same but without the harmful effects of smoking. Although the filter tips are not biodegradable for aspire vilter, it is still a good value for money device, and you can use this as your first vaping device too.
  1. Hexa Pro: It is a highly popular vaping device, and experienced users use this. It features a hybrid nicotine blend system that can give you an excellent cigarette style throat hit. The Hexa Pro has an even larger battery than the Hexa v 2.0 and offers fast charging options too. There is a fixed coil and pre-filled pod mechanism implemented in Hexa pro. This means that you do not need to change the coil frequently, nor do you need to refill your e-liquid right away. Simply throw it and buy a new one when the pod is empty.

Photo by Vaporesso on Unsplash

  1. Riot Squad Q Bar: Many beginner-level vapers prefer to use a device with no fuss or strings attached. This is because they like the convenience of using a vaping device rather than the expertise level of the vaping device. This is one of those vaping devices. You simply do not need any filling, coil change or charging. Each Q Bar is prefilled with a nicotine salt blend and has a choice of flavors, including a 0% nicotine option too since the device does not need any charging, so after its 420 mAh battery is fully utilized, you will have to throw it away.
  1. Uwell Caliburn G2: This vaping device from Unwell is a simplistic designer, automatic firing vape device that both beginners and experienced vape users can use at their convenience. The device also has interesting haptic feedback with different vibration patterns to alert you in case of any issues with the device.
  1. Aspire PockeX: This is one of the oldest and most popular vaping devices which is used by experienced and new vaping users globally. It features a traditional pen style vaping device, and back when they launched it, they were among the first ones in the market to do so. This device also uses a low resistance coil to create some truly amazing vapes.
  1. Smok Novo 4: As a beginner’s vaping experiences go, nothing can beat Smok Novo 4. It is an excellent vaping device that features a single button design, easy pod filling system and push-fit coil installation mechanism. One of the many interesting features of Smok Novo 4 is that it has a control airflow wheel. What this essentially does is allow you to precisely control the airflow so that you get an airy or restricted inhaling experience depending upon your choice. There is also a small OLED screen that displays all the necessary information right where you can see them.


There are far too many vaping devices than there are vaping users. So if you are just getting started in the world of vaping, then do not get overwhelmed; try to experiment and find your passion and then buy that device.



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