5 powerful Clash Royale decks to climb the ladder after reaching Arena 13

After you’ve reached the first Challenger arena in Clash Royale, you should have access to most of the cards in the game. But the average level of players you face in one-vs-one matches will significantly rise at this point and you’ll no longer be able to advance with decks that don’t take the current meta into account. To facilitate this adaptation, you can choose pre-built popular decks, test them out, and see what best suits your style of play. Keep in mind that it’s not easy to upgrade the cards in Clash Royale because tons of gold is necessary to buy missing cards and level them up. If you play at a level where everyone has their cards maxed out, your decks can be adapted to suit the cards you possess at level 13 by incorporating them in place of other cards with a similar effect and the same elixir cost. Here are some of the best decks for Clash Royale‘s season 15.

Princess and Miner deck

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This deck has three offensive cards: the Princess, Miner, and Rocket. They’re also the win conditions in this deck. The key defensive cards are the Mini PEKKA and the Infernal Tower, which can deviate the trajectory of your enemy’s big offensive cards. Try to get your elixir to its max capacity and then send the Miner, Fire Spirits, and Mini PEKKA to attack an enemy tower. Add the Log if your opponent possesses a card that counters your attack. This deck is especially strong at countering a Hog Rider deck. The average elixir cost of the deck is 3.4. The Fire Spirits received a buff to their area damage radius with the new season, which made them more powerful. This deck was presented by SirTag. You can watch him play it in several matches on YouTube.

Wall Breakers deck

Images via Supercell
This deck makes use of the card boosted for all season 15’s duration, Guards. They can either defend or protect your offensive cards. This deck is versatile since the offensive cards, such as the Inferno Dragon and Skeleton Barrel, can also defend. You can start off the game using Wall Breakers or Bomb Tower and defend using Guards and Ice Wizard. This deck has an average elixir cost of 2.9, but this resource must be well-managed to be able to use the Inferno Dragon at any moment. Furthermore, the Arrows can be particularly useful against long-ranged cards such as the Princess, which has been popular lately. This deck was presented by MOLT. He suggested that you can replace the Bomb Tower with Tesla, which is more efficient against big ground units such as PEKKA. You can watch him play it in several matches on YouTube.

Golem deck (cheap version)

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This deck implements a well-known strategy: using your cards to complement the Golem. The eight-elixir card necessitates several defensive tools to be taken down before dealing too much damage to towers. The average elixir cost of the deck is 3.6, though, so it has to be spent with caution. To make sure you’re not wasting any elixir, you can let the opponent use their first card at the start of the game and then react to it. Try not to spend too many elixir points to defend so that you can push with Golem when your enemy has no elixir left and you have enough to use it. After using the Golem, you can support its push by using Night Witch and Bomber, depending on which card the opponent has in their deck to defend their tower. This deck is strengthened by the buff that Bomber received at the start of season 15. It was presented by Legendaray. You can watch him play it in several matches on YouTube.

Hog 2.6

Images via Supercell
A list of the best decks in Clash Royale wouldn’t be the same without a deck built around Hog Rider. The offensive card is still strong at taking out towers when the opponent is distracted or can’t react—and this is one of the newest versions of the strategy. This version is particularly useful in this season because the Zappies and Furnace cards received buffs with the latest balance changes, which also strengthened their counters, such as this deck. The goal is to deny your opponent’s aggression and then attack with Hog Rider when the enemy has used all their elixir and take the edge progressively with fast cycles. This deck is fun because it’s cheap and necessitates quick reactions. This deck is used by YouTuber Master Diddy San. You can watch him play it to adapt easier to its strategy and strengths.

Huts deck

Image via Supercell
This card list counters decks built around Golem or Mega Knight thanks to the Barbarian Hut, Goblin Hut, and Barbarians. But it’s also versatile and powerful, even if the Heal Spirit received a nerf to its heal radius in the latest season. Building cards are frustrating for opponents. They can cause them to overcommit by spending too many elixir points to take them down while you get more of this resource and plan your next attack. The game can be started off by using Royal Hogs. Split them on both of the opponent’s towers by placing them at the center of the map. The deck was created by SirTag. You can watch how he plays with it in this video.



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