12 Things Every Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Player Must Know Before Season 9 Starts

It’s been almost a year since the global release of Call of Duty: Mobile. During that period the developers of the COD Mobile gave various features and updates season after season to retain its player base as well as to attract new players. Unfortunately, when it comes to Battle Royale mode, new features and updates were few and far between. Brand new BR classes, Aerial platform, extension to the BR map (Isolated) and new vehicles (Tank and Motorcycle) were the only significant additions. No changes were made to game mechanics within past 8 seasons. However, this is about to change in season 9. Call of Duty: Mobile has made a significant change to the game in Battle Royale mode that it feels like you are playing a whole different game. Much of these features and mechanics come directly from Call of Duty: Warzone. Some even call the new BR mode, Call of Duty Warzone Mobile or Call of Duty Warzone Pocket Edition. So, before starting to grind ranks in season 9, you should know about these features which will definitely help you to adopt quickly.

1. New Looting System.

Perhaps the biggest change will be the new and easy looting system. In previous 8 seasons once you landed, you have to loot attachments for your preferred weapons and you were able to change whatever the attachment you equip to your weapon. But from season 9 onward, it will change for a better gaming experience. Weapons are categorised based on rarity and they come up with default attachments. Number of attachments are going to base on the rarity level of the weapon.
  • Common (Silver colour) single attachment
  • Uncommon (Green colour) 2 attachments
  • Rare (Blue colour) 3 Attachments
  • Epic (Purple colour) 4 attachments
  • Legendary (Gold colour) 5 attachments (maximum number of attachments)
As you can the rarer the weapon the better. And you can’t change any of these attachments. If you are not happy with the current attachments of your weapon you have to drop it and pick a different weapon.
Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Weapon Rarity

2. New Ammo Categories.

In the current version of the game there are 6 ammo types, 7.62mm, 5.56mm, 9mm, .45 Cal, 12 Gauge (shot gun ammo) and Rocket ammo. In season 9 there will be only 5. They are Heavy ammo (for ARs and LMGs), Light ammo (for SMGs and Pistols), Sniper ammo, Shot gun ammo and Rocket ammo.
COD Mobile Season 9 Ammos

3. Armour Plates.

Another feature coming directly from Warzone is armor plates. But contrast to the Warzone, you can only use these armor plates to repair your damaged vest. You can only equip one plate per time and it will increase your vest’s health by 50%.
Season 9 Test Server Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Armor Plates

4. Kill-cam.

Players have been asking for a kill-cam in BR ever since season 1 and its finally coming in season 9. However, it’s not something similar to what we have in Multiplayer. Instead, the camera will show you the direction and the enemy that killed you (similar to PUBG Mobile).

5. Weapon Perks.

There are weapon perks you can equip to your weapon. These perks are also categorized as Common to Legendary. These perks will give you special abilities and features such as recoil control, reducing reload time, reducing the hip-fire spread, and many more. You can only equip one perk per weapon.
Season 9 Test Server Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Perks
Season 9 Test Server Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Perks

6. New Scopes.

As you may have already known there are tons of new scopes coming in COD Mobile season 9 in Gunsmith. Some of these are coming to BR as well.

7. Customized Weapons from Air-drops.

You might feel upset given the fact that you cannot customised your weapon with your preferred attachments. But don’t worry you can still do that. In the BR loadout there is a feature called “Customise Weapon Loadout”. In there you can customise up to 5 weapons with your preferred attachments. And when you are playing, you can pick these weapons from air-drops. You only can pick one weapon from each air-drop.
Season 9 Test Server Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Air Drops

8. Thermal Scope for Tanks.

In season 9, tanks will have a thermal scope. So, once you are in a tank, finding and shooting enemies will be much easier.
Season 9 Test Server Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Tank Thermal Scope

9. New Locations on the Map.

3 new places are added to the current map. They are Radar base, Camp and Dormitory. These names might change in the future.

10. Location Names on the Map.

Similar to the Warzone, you will be able to see the names of each location when you are on the plane. High tier areas will be shown in Golden letters.
Season 9 Test Server Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Map

11. Initial Jump Animation.

Another cool feature is the jump animation. This is also kind of similar to what we have in Warzone. An animation of you and your squad getting ready to jump will appear before jumping.

12. Kill Effects for Legendary Weapon Skins.

Battle Royale players felt left out since there were no-kill effects for legendary weapon skins. No more disappointments. Now, these weapon skins will have kill effects just like in Multiplayer mode.
These are the major changes coming in season 9. Season 9 update is expected to release in early August. And with these features, we are pretty sure that the Battle Royale mode is going to be much more exciting in upcoming seasons.



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