10 Best free to play Heroes you should upgrade first

If you have just started playing Lords Mobile or are on the midway to glory, you have a lot of resources coming your way. The decision about what heroes to upgrade first becomes utmost crucial at this point as there are many heroes in Lords Mobile with distinct abilities that can help you advance faster in so many ways. Here is a list of our all-time favorite and the best Lords Mobile heroes with a strong focus on multi-tasking, whom you should upgrade first before others. It means these heroes come without spending any real money and are good for Colosseum, Monster attacks, Quests and they also have abilities to boost your progress in the game. The golden rule to any super Lords mobile hero squad is, that it must have the following roles:
  • 1 Tank (to keep the leader busy and take most of the damage),
  • 1 Support (to eliminate the side attackers and support the tank),
  • 2 Crowd Control (to control the opponent’s magic and special abilities, basically those who can stun or freeze),
  • 1 Healer (to keep it going for you),
  • 1 Focus Attack (one that can attack from behind and deal a chunk),
  • 1 Sniper (to take out the fuse on the opponent side)
While a team only enjoys a max of 5 champions, so you need to have heroes that can take on multiple roles. Keeping the above as a basic rule, here are our top 10 recommendations of the champions you must upgrade in Lords Mobile before any other Free to Play heroes.

10 Best Free to Play Heroes to upgrade

1. Rose Knight

It is hard to imagine a raiding party that does not feature Rose Knight as one of the leading champions. She is an all-rounder in the terms of her attacks, her defense, and crowd control. Rose Knight is one of the best heroes in the Lords Mobile meta and you should upgrade her very early in-game. She has three major abilities that turn out to be super useful in any combat:

Shield throw

As a special attack, she throws her shield around, making 6 huge damage impacts on all enemies in range, and stunning them each for 1 second/strike.


Rose Knight is a true guardian of the weak as she spots the weakest ally in your team and heals it enormously along with reducing its further incoming damage. This small skill ensures that your team is not out-numbered sooner in close fights.

Justice calls

Like the true knight she is, she cast a defense shield for 8 seconds at the start of every fight, saving all its allies from any incoming damage. This skill makes your team survive against the toughest of boss fights and make your team indispensable in the colosseum

2. Demon Slayer

Lords Mobile best Heroes to upgrade first
Hard to get but great to possess, he is the king of an assassin in the game with a very high magical defense. Demon Slayer chooses his enemy at the start of the fight and starts eliminating the opponent from the last to the first. He has sharp melee attacks and super impactful area damage with his specials. Demon slayer is best to eliminate Magic heroes and healers in the opponent’s team. So that your fighter can fight uninterrupted and opponents cannot get any advantage over your team. It is one of the best and must-have for Colosseum teams and very handy for battles. His most useful abilities include:

Wilting special

It deals a chunk of damage to all backbenchers in the opponent’s team, essentially taking down their crowd controllers and healers. And reducing their Magic damage rating for the next few seconds.

Battle skills

He is a true friend of the infantry. When taken to battle it boosts the infantry health by 50% and the attack rating by 30%. While himself dealing 200% of the squad attack as damage to the enemy troops.

3. Tracker

If there is one champ you want to bet to last longest in the fight, she is Tracker. She is the best F2P hero there is, in term s of attack rating. While she has tons of damage, the real key is how you use her ultimate attack. Her key skills are simple:

The Fatal Shot

Her ultimate attack can knock down any opponent in a single hit. With Hilda on your side, always access the opponent’s team to find out the strongest link, which can be a healer, the boss, or anyone that is holding up the opponent’s fort. Simply ensure that all her fatal shots are targeted at the most key targets and you will end up in green.

Basic attacks

Tracker shoots arrows from a safe distance not only causing damage but also stunning the opponent for tanks to do their job easily. She focusses on the furthest enemies in the opponent line up which are usually the most critical ones to take out. She is most utility champ in all forms of the game, she is a must-have for Colosseums, a great hitter for quests, and works a lot of damage to most monsters.

4. Prima Donna

Lords Mobile best Heroes to upgrade first
The only super healers in the game, that also has a good magic attack. Despite other P2P healers in the game, this cute little bee babe is one every top colosseum team. She can be best paired with Child of Light and Demon slayer as Prima’s attacks will make more impact with reducing damage resistance. You can Rose Knight to the mix to cover for Prima’s downtime and healing the weakest one, while Prima Donna makes everyone come back to life again.

5. Trickster

One of the most preferred heroes by the top players in the game. The trickster is seen as a poster boy in many Lords mobile pro accounts. Why? Because he is the only Free to play hero with a research boost. Not only he is a great choice for a leader, but he is sling in the combat too. Trickster is one of a kind focused attacker that hurts the enemy with massive damage and leaves him stunned for a longer duration after that. Trickster is a great choice for Colosseum even if you are matched against a Pay to play team. His major abilities include:

Liar Serum

A high damage attack in a focused direction harming all those who fall in the way. Use this attack to target the sidekicks on the other side as their attack will reduce for the next 5 seconds, giving your hitter a great opportunity to know them out.

Tampered arrow

A long-range attack that causes a blow of damage to a focused enemy leaving the opponent disarmed for a few seconds after that. Ideal to hit the bosses and healers to cut off support for enemy troops and leaving them vulnerable.

6. Child of Light

Lords Mobile best Heroes to upgrade first
Another tank hero that excels at crowd control. The child of light leads to any combat from the front. She will be the one to take hits and behalf of her teammates. Plus, she has great damage ratings and best in class crowd control skills that make her a perfect partner with heroes like Rose Knight and Death Knight. Her major skills are:

Apollo’s Brand

Her ultimate attack dealing with medium area damage and leaving the opponent stun for 5 seconds. Thus, creating a great base for heroes like tracker and black crow to attack uninterrupted.

Super Active attacks

Her basic attacks are area attacks that cause damage in a medium range. Not only reducing the opponent’s health but also reducing their defense against the magic attacks on every hit.

7. Death Knight

If you could not manage to get Rose Knight or Child of light yet, Death knight can be more than a great substitute for you to go on with. The secret of using Death Knight lies in his below skills:


Death Knight attacks in a linear motion, implying that all those in a line deals a series of damage. He is quick to charge his ultimate attack that can freeze the enemy for 3 seconds also causing damage at the same time. Death Knight is a great counter for heavy tank teams. Pair him with a sniper to make his task easier and he shall be cutthroat for you.


The Free to Play hero that can literally come back from death. Yes! He cam come back from death once per entry. Not just that, but his attack rating also takes a heap in his rebirth. The trick is to use this champ with a healer and make the most use of him in rebirth mode to make maximum impact.

8. Incinerator

Lords Mobile best Heroes to upgrade first
The finest scorcher that literally rains fire upon the opponents. Like any good football team needs a great midfielder, Incinerator is one of the finest in her job. She deals in magic attacks only blazing them in a line and leaving them stunned for a second after every blow. She is a great secret weapon for Colosseum teams that has more long-range attackers. Her primary skills encompass:


The ability to cause magic damage to a select target and leaving it to roast longer even after the attack.


Literally, the synonym for ‘all hell let loose’. She rains fire from the sky leaving the back in line to lick their wounds. Being a mid-fielder, she is often placed at the back center, thus she can do maximum damage without being interrupted. She can be a great support for a team of two tanks.

9. Black Crow

Anyone who can strike a better blow after Tracker is the beautiful Chadra. This fighting beauty has an eye for the enemy’s weak spot that would bleed a river upon impact. Her presence in your team will boost the attack ratings of the allies and her special skills will make look most fights like a cakewalk.

Arrow Rain

This magnificent archer unleashes a rain of arrow on the defending party causing tons of damage in a medium area.


She focuses on eliminating one target at a time. She has a long-range and rapid-fire rate that allows clearing the field in a jiffy.

10. Night Raven

Lords Mobile best Heroes to upgrade first
Another reliable Mid-fielder with the ability to cause damage in bulk. Being a true playmaker, he also increases the dex ratings of all the allies alongside him. While these are some of his benefits the real deal lies in his key skills:

Owl Charge

Night Raven calls upon an Owl to do the job, causing damage to the enemy and leaving him stunned for more.

Shooting Stars

The only Free to Play champ that has a special attack damaging every enemy on the battlefield. Yes, every enemy on the opposite side gets a blow when Night Raven hits the ultimate attack. This skill makes him a great player in fights where your team is vastly outnumbered.

Best Team Combinations

Now that you know the best heroes in Lords Mobile to upgrade and progress in the game before anyone else. Here are some of the most preferred Lords Mobile teams for Colosseum:

Team 1: Balanced Team

  • Rose Knight
  • Trickster
  • Tracker
  • Demon Slayer
  • Prima Donna

Team 2: Heavy Attack team

  • Rose Knight
  • Child of Light/Death Knight
  • Tracker
  • Trickster
  • Black Crow/ Incinerator/Night Raven

Team 3: Strong Defense Team

  • Rose Knight
  • Death Knight
  • Child of Light
  • Tracker
  • Prima Donna
The above list of team combinations is a suggestion based on our years of experience in the game. You can definitely have your own roster of heroes with minor or even major tweaks according to your choice of heores. Good Luck!
Here is our list of the best heroes you should upgrade first as you progress in Lords Mobile. Do you feel we have missed out on your favorite hero? Do let us know in the comment section below. For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp groupTelegram Group or Discord server. Also, follow us on Google NewsInstagram and Twitter for quick updates.
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