Are mobile gamers the real gamers

[ad_1] This is the question that is raised many times, especially by PC gamers who look at mobile gamers in a negative or disparaging way. Before we delve into finding the answer we should first know the definition of a gamer. By definition, a gamer is someone who plays games and that can be any […]

5 most played game genres played on mobile

[ad_1] Statistical surveying firm Newzoo recently reported that the mobile gaming industry expects almost 2.4 billion mobile gamers this year. And the total revenue will be over $77 billion USD. Once a strictly casual platform for games like Farmville and Candy Crush, a number of game genres have been growing on mobile. Especially as mobile […]

What does the behavioral shift imply for the future of mobile gaming

[ad_1] The Gaming industry is becoming more popular than ever and transforming into a giant industry. More and more players are preferring mobile gaming over PC. This behavioral shift is a great sign for the future of mobile gaming. It is expected that player numbers will cross about 3 billion by 2023. Also, global revenue is expected […]