YouTube to soon introduce a new gesture for easy video scrubbing

Skipping to a part of a YouTube video will be much easier. The video streaming platform is expected to introduce a new gesture that will allow you to move across the video timeline with ease. Also Read – YouTube gets over 10 billion downloads on Google Play store

With this, you will be required to tap and hold anywhere on the screen and skip to the part you want to watch without much hassle. Also Read – How to delete YouTube search history in simple steps

YouTube scrubbing will be made easier

Spotted by a Reddit user named u/FragmentedChicken, the gesture on YouTube will be enabled once the screen is long-pressed. A ‘Slide left or right to seek’ message on the top will ensure that. All you would need to do is glide your fingers on the progress bar and see the timestamp you want to watch. Also Read – Google, YouTube, Gmail suffered massive outage last night: Here’s what happened

Currently, you are required to tap on a video for the progress bar to show and slowly move to get to the part you want to watch. However, this isn’t the easiest of the methods as it doesn’t ensure any precision and more often than not, it takes you to another part of the video.

The new gesture is aimed to sort this thing out and help you watch the portion you want to watch.

Image: Android Police

Prior to what is offered now, YouTube allowed people to tap anywhere on the seek bar to switch to a specific timestamp. However, it was scrapped off last year after people complained about accidental taps.

YouTube is also expected to introduce another gesture that will help you switch between the next and the previous chapters of a video with much ease.  This will be ensured by double-tapping the screen with two fingers. Using this gesture on the right side will take you to the next chapter and the same on the left side will take you to the previous one.

However, the new features are a part of the server-side update and it remains to be seen when these will be available for people on Android or iOS to use.

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