Yono SBI & Yono Lite apps are official alternatives for UPI server issue

State Bank of India customers are facing issues with its UPI servers for the past week. The bank hasn’t been able to fix the issue until now. The customers who relied on Google Pay, PayTM, Amazon Pay, and other UPI apps for payments are facing difficulties. They are unable to make any payments through these apps as they are getting an error message. This issue has been going on for almost a week now. SBI has told its customers that the problem will be fixed soon. The bank understands the plight of its customers and has come up with some alternative apps to help its customers come out of SBI UPI server issues. Yono SBI & Yono Lite apps have been announced as official alternatives for the SBI UPI server issue.


SBI customers are well aware of SBI’s mobile apps Yono SBI (Banking & Lifestyle app), Yono Lite (Mobile Banking app). YONO from SBI is an integrated banking app that lets the users access a slew of banking and other features. Apart from money transfer, it offers features such as booking of train tickets, hotels, and bill payments. The app is available for Android as well as iOS devices.

The bank is asking its customers to use YONO SBI and YONO SBI Lite for performing transactions for the time being. The bank is trying to solve the issues with the UPI servers, and it might take some time.

YONO SBI and YONO SBI Lite aren’t the apps that will completely replace PayTM, Google Pay, and other UPI apps. However, these apps are still useful if you want to transfer money to another account or pay bills or book certain services.

Some customers mention that they managed to get the UPI working by removing their account from the app and integrating it once more. Still, many customers are getting the same error message. Many are facing login, password reset, connectivity, and performance issues with the app.

It seems that the issue has not been fixed at the moment. As a result, we need to wait for a confirmation from SBI before saying that the SBI UPI servers are working again. Till then stay with us for updates!

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