Windows 11 download: How to download the preview

Windows 11 comes with some new features and a whole new design. That arouses desires, because probably every fan would like to install the new version as soon as possible. But first of all, seat meat is required, because the finished version can only be downloaded as a free update from autumn 2021. Unless you’re a Windows Insider.

Windows Insiders load Windows 11 earlier

As a Windows Insider you can start the download at the beginning of next week (June 28th to July 4th). Don’t worry: you don’t need any specialist knowledge or work at Microsoft to become one. Instead, all you need to do is register for the Microsoft Insider Program. We have recorded for you in these instructions which steps you have to go through in detail.

Windows 11: Use preview with caution

However, you should be careful with the first preview. As Microsoft announced, the first version of Windows 11 is still missing a number of new functions. In addition, you should not install the software on your main computer or notebook. Early versions of new operating systems usually don’t always run smoothly. There is a risk of losing important data.

Windows 11: Install at your own risk

There are already problems with supposedly compatible computers. If you want to check whether Windows 11 is running on your PC, you should download the PC Health Check tool. The system requirements for Windows 11 are actually set very low. How The Verge reported, but users complain via Twitter that their computer is classified as unsuitable. According to Tom Warren from The Verge, users would need a TMP 2.0 chip. Safe booting must also be activated in the BIOS. The download and installation are therefore at your own risk.

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