Who will be world champion with the farming simulator?

Country eggs want the world championship title

Stacking bales and driving a tractor as an eSport

It almost seems paradoxical. The rather leisurely game “Farming Simulator” as an eSport discipline? This may sound strange even to virtual athletes, but the simulator has created its own cozy niche. The Sportel farmers stack bales of straw (“bale stacking”) under extreme time pressure and harvest fields even more quickly. The FSL professionalises the World Festival of Virtual Agricultural Economists and gives this format a professional framework. In a competitive game, two teams of three mow, thresh and harvest against each other. And best of all: They do it completely without violence, because their weapons are different agricultural machines or tractors. And whoever delivers more straw bales and grain wins.

The best game consoles

A real hit: Farming Simulator 19

The “Farming Simulator 19” is one of the best-selling PC and computer games of 2018. Within a few days of the start of sales in November 2018, over a million units were sold – in Germany the level is well over 200,000 units. The simulation is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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